Pancakes, grits, & bacon from Another Broken Cafe

What to order at Another Broken Egg Cafe if you have food sensitivities

In my last blogpost, I told you about our visit to the Raleigh area to visit a very dear friend. Our hotel, Courtyard by Marriott, is located next to a shopping center. My friend noticed Another Broken Egg Cafe and mentioned it as a brunch option. Nikki was glad to see an option for gluten-free pancakes. I was excited because I had looked at the menu and already decided what I wanted. lol

We arrived to the restaurant about 11:30 AM and it was pretty packed; they’re only opened until 2 PM on Saturdays. There was a 20 minute wait, but we thought it would be worth it. While we waited, we all perused the menus to get a head start since our friends needed to get ready for their friend’s wedding.

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The waiter took our drink order and I decided to order chocolate milk with whipped cream. I’m a sucker for chocolate and prefer milk when eating breakfast food (I also ordered a glass of water). He asked if I’d tried their chocolate milk before; when I replied that it was our time there, he brought out a plate of beignets. Unfortunately, Nikki couldn’t eat them. I had actually never had a beignet before, but it was pretty good.

Plate of beignets from Another Broken Egg Cafe
*Jim Gaffigan voice* “FRIED BREAD?!”

Nikki didn’t ask for a gluten-free menu because she had seen the gluten-free pancakes as an option. On their website, you can find a gluten-friendly menu. There is a disclaimer: † Because most Another Broken Egg Cafe dishes are made from scratch, cross-contact with ingredients containing gluten is possible. Therefore, we are unable to guarantee that any menu item will be completely free of gluten. Guests with a gluten intolerance are urged to review the list of suggested menu items with a qualified medical professional prior to consumption. The health and safetyof our guests are top priorities for us at Another Broken Egg Cafe. Please let your server know if anyone in your party has a food allergy. 

There is a second disclaimer: We offer gluten-free friendly items, but unfortunately our kitchen is not a 100% gluten-free facility. Please be aware that many of our products, even those considered gluten-free, may come into contact with some allergens, including wheat, soy, dairy and nuts. If you or any of your guests have an allergy, please take this into consideration when placing your order.

As we were waiting, it dawned on Nikki that the pancakes may contain milk. Fortunately, the pre-made mix is used with water. I don’t know if this is true of all of their locations, so be sure to ask yourself.  Entrees are served with eggs, but Nikki had to skip those. She did order bacon and grits. They had pure maple syrup for her to use. She really liked their food a lot.


Pancakes, grits, & bacon
Southern brunch


If you do not want to get jealous of food you can’t eat, please look away now and scroll quickly.

I ordered the Chocolate Stuffed Belgian. Topped with whipped cream, chocolate chips, chocolate syrup, and strawberries, I was in chocolate heaven. It also came with eggs and bacon. This was perfect since we had plans later that night and it would be hours before we’d eat again.


Chocolate milkshake topped with whipped cream
My inner child was very happy that I ordered this.


Belgian waffles, bacon, eggs from Another Broken Egg Cafe
This was decadent and worth every bite.

My friend contemplated several dishes, but settled on The B.L.A.S.T. This sandwich is a BLT with avocado & jack cheese. You can choose between red tomatoes and fried green tomatoes. My friend chose the latter. This dish also comes with a pickle and country potatoes.


Sandwich and country potatoes
This sandwich is huge!

Her boyfriend ordered the Traditional Day Starter with andouille sausage.


Eggs and English muffin
Traditional and yummy


We all really liked Another Broken Egg Cafe! There are over 30 locations across the Southeast and Ohio and we highly recommend stopping in if you get the chance.

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  1. Everything looks good! the B.L.A.S.T. sandwich would be one I would likely order! The chocolate stuffed belgian waffle made me drool! Yum!


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