What to Order at Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar if You Have Dietary Restrictions

What to Order at Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar if You Have Dietary Restrictions

On St. Patrick’s Day, our dad invited us to dinner. If you read my last post, you’ll know we were planning to go to new restaurant and ended up at another one when my dad got them mixed up. We decided to go to the original establishment. The first location of Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar is located in the Dilworth area of Charlotte (there are 20 locations throughout the Carolinas and Colorado). Nikki & I got there at 6:30 and the parking lot was already full (it’s not very big) so I had to drive around the neighborhood it’s adjacent to and circle back around to find a spot. My dad and Caine had already secured a table on the patio. They were waiting with a bowl of Cape Cod kettle chips (which are gluten- and soy-free).

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Upon our arrival, Nikki requested a gluten-free menu. Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar has a variety of options on its gluten-free menu. They offer starters, salads, and burgers. Nikki opted for a burger with a gluten-free bun and Cape Cod Kettle chips. I had taken a look at the menu the week prior and had already decided what to order, the Mama Ricotta burger. This burger is named for an Italian restaurant owned by the former Bad Daddy’s owner. I thought my dad would go with the Sam I Am burger since it has an egg on it and would keep his streak going to three consecutive restaurants. He decided to tackle the Bad Ass Burger. It’s a 10 oz. patty with housemade American cheese, lettuce, tomato, horseradish mayo, and buttermilk fried bacon. Yes, buttermilk fried bacon. Just wait for the pictures in the #foodporn section.


Bad Daddy's Burger Bar gluten-free menu
Starters and create your own burger


Bad Daddy's Burger Bar gluten-free menu
Create your own salad


Bad Daddy's Burger Bar menu
So many burgers to choose from


Bad Daddy's burger with gluten-free un
Nikki really enjoyed the Cape Cod chips and gluten-free bun.


Bad Daddy's burger with gluten-free bun
Nikki brought her own mayo with her.


Bad Daddy's burger with gluten-free bun



Prepare for some good #foodporn.

Mama Ricotta burger
This had some stuff on it that I don’t consume, so…


Mama Ricotta burger
…I modified it and made it better.


Bad Ass burger
The sweet potato fries are almost as high as the burger.


Bad Ass burger
My dad had to use silverware because he was worried food would fall out.


Buttermilk fried bacon
Buttermilk. Fried. Bacon.

We all really enjoyed our food. My dad said if he realized the burger was so big, he would’ve skipped the appetizer. The atmosphere at Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar is great too. Even though the patio was full, it wasn’t too noisy (then again, we were there early enough to miss the St. Patrick’s Day revelers). Our waiter was really great too. We definitely recommend Big Daddy’s Burger Bar.

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  1. yummy yummy uymm I got love in my tummy ๐Ÿ˜€ :D….looks great! Now I’m hungry ๐Ÿ˜€ :(….Thank you for sharing this recipe! have a nice evening ! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Best wishes from south tyrol ….Nora ;)<3

  2. I have cut off red meat so this post was making me crave it, ugh!!! The cheeseburger on Steriods sounds so good thatโ€™s on the menu, yummy. I would only be able to really do the salad and itโ€™s chicken. But I like the fact that you can add some fun ingredients to make it nice and hearty.

  3. I see that they have so many different options to choose from. I might definitely be the bad ass burger type of girl. But I also fdo like that you can build your own burger and get it just how you like. Kind of cool!

  4. Big Daddyโ€™s Burger Bar sounds really nice place. The burger looks delicious, I am glad the size is good too. I would love to check this place when I am in the area.

  5. This place looks really lovely, and it is always great when a food establishment will cater to dietary requirements so well like this.

  6. The burgers on your pictures look delicious! I am so glad so many burger restaurants have gluten and soy free options for Nikki! that’s amazing ๐Ÿ™‚

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