Grilled Chicken on lettuce with bowl of fresh fruit

What to order at Carolina Ale House if you have food sensitivities

As is often the case, Nikki and I tend to find and try new restaurants with our dad. Obviously due to the pandemic, this has changed our habits a lot. One new place that we have tried is Carolina Ale House.

Carolina Ale House is a sports bar/restaurant that has multiple locations throughout the Carolinas. They also have locations in Tennessee, Georgia, and Florida.

As always, please check with the staff at the restaurant about your specific dietary needs before ordering. Since there are multiple locations, each one is likely different. 

The location that we’ve been to is in Concord, NC. This location does not have an allergen menu. Judging by their website, they don’t have one online either. Please use caution when ordering from restaurants you aren’t familiar with. 

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On the couple of occasions that we’ve had Carolina Ale House, Nikki has ordered their chicken sandwich. She has had to specifically request for the chicken to be grilled. This location does not have gluten-free buns, so she has to go bunless. They did serve her chicken on lettuce.

Unfortunately, this location cooks their food in vegetable oil. Due to this, Nikki can’t have their fries. Luckily, she can have their fresh fruit. Even with extremely limited options, she really likes the food.

On both visits, our servers were very sympathetic with Nikki’s situation.

Grilled Chicken on lettuce with bowl of fresh fruit
Even without a bun, the grilled chicken is good.


**NSFFS at Carolina Ale House** (Not Safe for Food Sensitivities)

If you get FOMO from looking at food you can’t have, please scroll now. I’ll wait.


(Seriously, you better scroll quickly)

You little rebel. On my first visit to Carolina Ale House, I ordered their Baked Ziti. This entree came with garlic bread. It was delicious! It was my dad’s favorite entree. Sadly, it has been pulled from the menu. You can still drool over it.

Baked Ziti with garlic bread
Their Baked Ziti is so good and I’m disappointed it’s no longer available.


Since they no longer have Baked Ziti, I decided to try their Meatball Grinder. It’s a fancy name for meatball sub. No matter what you call it, it’s so good. Lucky for me, I could only finish half of it and ate the rest for lunch the following day.

Meatball sub with fries
Don’t forget to wipe the drool before it lands on your screen


While they have very limited options for patrons with food sensitivities, it is nice to have a different place to go and switch things up.

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  1. The meatball grinder sounds like a really hearty dish. I’m not surprised it took a second sitting to finish it.

  2. I’m so glad I don’t have any food sensitivities. It’s so hard to dine out, although a lot of place are trying now to accommodate.

  3. The food looks really delicious and will have to check it out the next time I am near Charlotte 🙂 Love it there!


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