Carrabba's Linguine Positano

What to order at Carrabba’s if you have food sensitivities

Nikki and I are big fans of Italian food. Since she has food sensitivities, going out for Italian food is something we don’t really get to do. We usually make it at home so we can control what goes in it. We were pretty excited to discover that Carrabba’s has options for her.

A couple months ago, we made plans to go to dinner with our dad. The restaurant we were going to go to had a really long wait. There was a Carrabba’s across the parking lot and we’d been meaning to go for a while. This was the perfect time.

Carrabba's waiting area
Carrabba’s has a cozy waiting area


Photo of Mama Grace Mandola
“Mama Grace” Mandola is the mother of Carrabba’s founder, Damian and grandmother to the co-founder (and Damian’s son), Johnny.

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Carrabba’s Food

We were quickly seated at our table. Carrabba’s doesn’t have a separate gluten-free menu, but gluten-free items are notated. They have quite a few options such as Minestrone Soup, salads, a variety of pastas, steak, and shrimp. Since Nikki also can’t have soy or dairy, this cuts down the number of options for her. She opted for the Linguine Positano, which consists of Gluten-Free Casarecce pasta along with Wood-grilled chicken, crushed tomatoes, garlic, olive oil and basil. (She had them hold the tomatoes)


Carrabba's Linguine Positano
Carrabba’s serves hearty portions

Nikki thought the pasta was really good. She did experience some stomach discomfort due to a lot of garlic (which is a trigger for her).


If you have food sensitivities/allergies and you will be bummed you can’t have these next couple of dishes, look away now.

Carrabba’s provides complimentary bread and an olive oil and rosemary dip. It seems I didn’t get a picture of the bread, but here’s the dip.

Plate of olive oil & rosemary for bread
I can smell this picture


I ordered the Mezzaluna. This entree is made up of half-moon ravioli with chicken, ricotta, romano and spinach in our tomato cream sauce. It was delicious! I hadn’t had ravioli in a while, so this was perfect.

So. Delicious.


Our dad decided to keep it traditional with the lasagne. They had an option where for an additional $10 you could get a second one to go. He liked it so much that he got the extra one to eat the next day.

The traditional lasagne is yummy!

We all really enjoyed our meals. Carrabba’s is a bit on the pricier side and with the very limited options for Nikki, it’s not somewhere we’ll go often. It is always great to add new restaurants to the mix so we aren’t repeatedly going to the same places.

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  1. I love Carabba’s! It used to be one of my go to spots to go before I ran a marathon. Such good food and glad to see there are some gluten-free options.

  2. This is a nice guide! I’ve never been to Carrabbas but it’s good to see that they had some options for people with dietary restrictions!


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