What to Order at CharBar No. 7 if You Have Dietary Restrictions

What to Order at CharBar No. 7 if You Have Dietary Restrictions

The day after Christmas, my dad invited Nikki & I to lunch. We decided to try a new restaurant in the area. CharBar No. 7 recently opened a location in Mint Hill. They have six locations throughout the state and one in Alabama. According to the CB7 Story , their name has nothing to do with the number of locations that they have and they hope to expand beyond seven locations.

CharBar No. 7 mixes upscale and casual dining. We were seated in the covered patio. It was spacious with a really nice lounge area in the center. Flat screens are hung throughout the patio. After we were seated and given menus, we were left to ourselves. A couple waitresses passed by our table and checked on their own tables. From our perspective, the restaurant wasn’t that busy. After at least five minutes, no one had even bothered to take a drink order or to say they’d be right with us. We made the decision to leave and on the way out, my dad explained to the hostess why we were leaving. She got the manager, who took the time to listen to our issue. He explained that they hadn’t been open very long and it was their first holiday season. They didn’t schedule enough staff and asked for the chance to make it right. We decided to take them up on the offer.

The manager was kind enough to buy us an appetizer. Unfortunately, there weren’t any options for Nikki. My dad & I decided on Das Pretzels, which are Bavarian style sprinkled with kosher salt and parmesan. It’s served with a side of beer cheese, which was insanely delicious. There will be a picture of it in #foodporn portion of the blog.

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They don’t have a separate menu for patrons with dietary restrictions, but they do have gluten-free buns. Their fries are cooked in vegetable oil, but we can’t remember if we asked if they were gluten-free. Nikki had the Classic Burger with lettuce on a gluten-free bun and a side of fruit. She really liked the bun a lot and she had it a different restaurant a while ago (she does warn that “it’s crumbly”). Nikki liked the burger and the fruit as well.


Hamburger with gluten-free bun and a side of fruit
A combo that Nikki finds herself ordering frequently at restaurants.


Classic Burger and fruit bowl
Nikki really approves of the bun.

After the initial problem we had when we got to CharBar No. 7, we had a really good experience (and I don’t think it was completely due to the fact that we nearly left). Our waitress was very nice and helpful. She apologized for our earlier situation and reiterated that they were short-staffed and much busier than expected. The food was really good and we will definitely return.


This is the part of the post where I showcase food that contains gluten, soy, and dairy. If you don’t want to see the sweet temptation, start scrolling now.

Here’s the aforementioned Das Pretzels. Try not to lick the screen too much.


Daz Pretzels and Beer Cheese dip
The pretzels were yummy, but the beer cheese brings it all together.

My dad & I both got Chicken Tender Platter with tater tots (I got mine with BBQ sauce and my dad got honey mustard; I used the beer cheese to dip my chicken tenders in). They were really good and filling. I had enough for lunch the next day.


Chicken Tender and tater tots
Tenders ‘n Tots

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46 thoughts on “What to Order at CharBar No. 7 if You Have Dietary Restrictions”

  1. I am so glad that although the very first impression wasn’t very positive, it all had a happy end. It’s good if the manager has a chance to explain the situation, offer a free-snack for you and make sure you get yourselves comfortable. Then you are served just right, the waiters are helpful and nice and you can relax. It actually mean they care about the customer service since they were able to say they were sorry for what happened to you right at the start and they could serve with some extra care, later on.

    • I agree, Wiola. I’m glad that they made the effort to make it right and that they took the time hear us out. We also took the time to listen to their side and understand why our service started out the way it did. Overall, it was a really good experience.

    • Chicken tenders are a good choice for most of us. My sister can’t have them because of the breading. She makes her own though with panko crumbs that are really good.

  2. As someone who struggles with finding gluten free options when I go, posts like this are extremely useful to me. I hope more places provide gluten free options. Shame that the beginning of the night your experience wasn’t stellar!

    • Amanda, I’m glad to hear that posts like these help. I try to include larger chains that people may come across, but try to balance it with local places too. It is a shame, but it worked out!

  3. Isn’t it amazing how a bad situation can be turned around by listening and then acting in a positive way. I’m glad things worked out for you at CharBar No. 7. The food porn looks delicious 😉 Sorry that Nikki lucked out though and that her choices were limited

    • I think it helped them to hear from their customers and it helped us to understand their side. Communication can go a long way! I’m glad we stayed. We enjoyed the food and our visit there. I think I’m going to have to make another trip there; my mom hasn’t been, so now I have another reason to go. LOL Nikki was really excited that they had really good buns. She found a brand to use at home that she likes, but nothing like this kind. Too bad they only sell to restaurants and not individuals.

  4. glad to see that you were ell served in the gluten-free department! I know how tricky it can be to find food when you have certain food allergies or intolerances…It really can be a pain!

  5. This looks like an amazing place, I even like the name of the restaurant. The gluten-free burger looks good and delicious. I am glad you had a nice experience there, I would check them out when I am in the area.

    • I like the name too. It stands out from the typical names. She was a huge fan of the burger, especially the bun. It’s little things like that that she misses sometimes.

  6. The food looks really good, shame that they didn’t have any options for Nikki for appetizers. I know how hard this is as I am lactose intolerant and there are so many places that still don’t stock up on at least a carton of diary-free milk. And it’s hard to believe these days, as there are so many options out there and so many people with dietary restrictions, and they are only a few cents more expensive than the regular products.

    • Most places don’t tend to offer appetizers or desserts that she can have. Baby steps, I guess. 🙂 I can imagine that’s hard to not have options if you can’t have dairy. It really isn’t that much more expensive to carry more options, especially when it can bring in even more customers to your business.

  7. I can’t wait for the day when people with allergies or intolerance’s can just turn up at a restaurant and not be treated differently to everyone else. I’ts great when you arrive and can just order what you need and feel reassured it will be what is says it is. Those pretzels looks amazing!!!

    • Natalie, that will be a great day when that happens! So many people have different dietary needs and it can be such a struggle for them to find places that will have options for them. They were amazing!

  8. I have never heard of charbar, but everything looks amazing! One of my good friends is gluten free, so if she’s ever in the area I will send her that way!

  9. Oh wow I am glad they were able to turn around your first experience. I’ve walked out of places before, one place I went last year a waitress dramaticlly sighed when asked for a table, made a huge fuss and so we walked out. I am glad they worked hard to improve your experience. All the food looks amazing although that chicken.. I want it!

    • I’ve definitely walked out of restaurants before for various reasons. I was already out the door when I realized my dad was explaining why we were leaving. I’m glad we decided to stay. The chicken tenders were really good!

  10. Thanks for the info. I’m a vegan so I definitely have dietary restrictions and it’s not easy. Restaurants have really started to offer more in the way of gf and vegan, so it’s getting better.

  11. The chicken tender with potato platter looks so delicious.. i’d love to visit char bar n07, unfortunately its not near where I am

  12. Those pretzels look absolutely delicious!! I think the first part would have been a complete turn off for me, but I guess I see where they are coming from, glad it shaped up better!

  13. Eating out with dietary restrictions can be hard. My brother has a lot and he just sticks to Indian food a lot of times. I’m glad they were apologetic about their initial lack of service.

    • It definitely can be, especially with their are multiple restrictions. I try to share the options we find so that others can try them too. I’m glad we gave them another chance because it ended up being a good experience.

  14. While there is still a long way to go – I’m always amazed at what those who are Celiac would have done 20 years ago, when the supermarkets weren’t lined with gluten-free alternatives.
    As long as people start requesting it, they will start offering it. Keep it up. Your going to restaurants shows them that they have gluten-free customers that they should be trying to accomodate!

    • Karrie, I don’t know how those people did it! It can be a hassle even now, so I can only imagine how rough it was a couple decades ago. That’s a very good point! Restaurants would gain so many more customers if they were accommodated better/more often.

  15. I’ve never heard of beer cheese before and that’s something I’m gonna google about after reading this article! I’m half glad that I didn’t have so much of dietary restrictions yet happy that I’m reading this to know that it’s still possible for people with restrictions to dine properly!

    • I’d never had beer cheese before this visit, but it was SO good! My dad & I couldn’t stop talking about. At one point he said, “I’m double dipping, I don’t care.” LOL

  16. Glad that you find gluten-free options. I know how difficult it can be to find food when you have certain food allergies or intolerances.

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