How to Make Cheesy Comfort Foods (GF, DF, SF)

We all have go-to comfort food dishes. Some of those dishes are by season such as chicken & dumplings, chili, and biscuits and gravy (I just realized that these might all be Southern comfort foods; well, they say write what you know). You may not think that cheese is a comfort food, but it’s found in two dishes that can be considered comfort foods: grilled cheese sandwiches and macaroni and cheese. My inner child is pretty happy about these two choices.

Even if you are dairy-free, you can still enjoy cheesy comfort foods. As always, I like to share alternatives that we like. We don’t share recipes or food recommendations that we don’t eat ourselves.

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Grilled Cheese

For this recipe, we recommend Canyon Bakehouse Gluten-Free Bread. Nikki prefers the Mountain White, but they also have Ancient Grain, Deli Rye, and Hawaiian Sweet among other options. If you’re looking for a cheese that is both dairy- & soy-free, look no further than Follow Your Heart. Nikki is a big fan of their products. They have a variety of cheese items, such as sliced, shredded, and parmesan. For your grilled cheese needs, Nikki recommends their American Style cheese. Their cheeses are also vegan and non-GMO. We recommend Earth Balance Soy-Free Buttery Spread.


Follow Your Heart American Cheese slices
This is one of Nikki’s favorites.


Grilled cheese sandwich
3 simple ingredients make one of the best comfort foods.



Grilled Cheese sandwich
Your inner child is drooling.


Macaroni & Cheese

Macaroni shells that are gluten- and soy-free have been hard to find. Ronzoni’s does make macaroni shells that meet these two requirements, however it hurts Nikki’s stomach for some reason. We have to improvise and use other noodles. A few months ago, we walked into Marshalls and they had out a display table with various pasta items such as pots and noodles. One brand was Pastificio La Rosa. They had their Fusilli noodles. These noodles are a product of Italy. In addition to being gluten-, soy-, and dairy-free, it’s also free of eggs, salt, and preservatives. The Fusilli noodles are made with rice and corn flour. It should be noted that their website doesn’t give much info on where to buy their pasta. They do have a Facebook page and have a Shop option, however it’s in Italian. I did Google where to buy it in the US and it is found on Amazon, iGourmet, and Italian Harvest.

For the cheese, we recommend Follow Your Heart’s Cheddar Shreds.


Noodle and cheese
Just add butter.


Boiling noodles
Boil for 12 minutes


Homemade Mac and Cheese
Cook in the oven 15-20 minutes on broil (time may vary)


Homemade Mac and Cheese


Your inner child is still drooling.

Two simple recipes for cheesy comfort foods that are quick and delicious.

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  1. Are you serious? There’s such a thing as gluten free mac and cheese? I was just telling my husband that we need to start our gluten free meals but didn’t want to give this up. I am certainly going to make this.

  2. Wow and wow! These dishes look really delicious and look so easy to make I will definitely try to make these on this coming weekends.

  3. I think its great you can make comfort food like this and make it fit around your dietary requirements. It looks really delicious.

  4. This must be one of my favorite dishes to make when I don’t have a lot of time and the kids always finish every single scrap. And yes my inner child did start drooling when I saw that warm, cripsy slice of toast. Excuse me while I go butter me some bread πŸ˜‰


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