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My New Coaching Program: Food Sensitivity Success Map

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Food Sensitivity Success Map: Your ultimate guide to end the struggle, eat with confidence, and transform your life.


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Back in late October, I had a free consult with Kristyn Cataeno of Elixify Your Life. Since it was free, I figured I just do the call and that would be it. During the call, I started feeling like I could offer a coaching program. By the end of the call, I made the decision to start down a new path. Since the beginning of November, with Kristyn’s guidance and expertise, I have developed a comprehensive coaching program to help people with dietary restrictions take control of their new lifestyle.


Me working on a MacBook Air
I’ve spent most of my free time creating the Food Sensitivity Success Map coaching program


As many of you know, my sister was diagnosed with IBS about nine years ago. About three years ago, her doctor advised her to completely eliminate gluten, dairy, and soy from her diet as medication alone was no longer helping. This process was not easy and included a lot of trial and error. For example, many gluten-free products include soy. You have to learn to read labels and discover that other names can be hidden ingredients that are ingredients she can’t have. Nikki could find some things out via the internet, but she had to figured out a lot on her own, such as eating foods and finding out that it caused stomach discomfort or pain. She also had to figure out what tastes
good and what was gross. That’s why I created the Beginner’s Guide to Dietary Restriction Friendly Essentials; we don’t recommend gross food! lol


Sister selfie
Samantha (L) and Nikki (R)


I started Gluten-Free Spirited in March 2017 after traveling with Nikki to Atlanta. It was a struggle to find food for her to eat at both the ballpark and restaurants. When you’re on the road with dietary restrictions, fast food is mostly a big no-no. I wanted to create a resource for travelers like my sister who struggled finding food they could eat while traveling. This has expanded to recipes and food guides.

Starting the Food Sensitivity Success Map was the next logical step. I could take what I’ve learned through Nikki’s struggles to help others like her. A majority of people don’t realize that this is a complete lifestyle change. In most cases, they’ll have special dietary needs for the rest of their lives.

I have designed a comprehensive step-by-step system to teach people how to easily navigate their food issues so they can experience more confidence in eating, shopping, and cooking. This includes teaching basics such as reading labels, how to grocery shop, and questions to ask at restaurants.


The Food Sensitivity Success Map will help you:


-save time with efficient techniques

-feel less overwhelmed

-educate you on your food sensitivities/allergies

-feel better by eating better


This program is available locally and online.


The Food Sensitivity Success Map coaching program will also include a grocery shopping tour, restaurant visit, and personalized cooking demo. These experiences are available in person or virtually.

Whole Foods grocery haul
I’ll teach you how to read labels and show you grocery shop.


Kashi waffles and banana slices
This is a great breakfast option that is free of gluten, soy, and dairy.



Pesto Alfredo
Eating with dietary restrictions doesn’t mean food tastes like cardboard.


Peanut butter fudge
You can still make delicious recipes!


Chicken and veggies
This program will teach you how to order food at restaurants and order food confidently.


Hamburger with a gluten-free bun
There are gross gluten-free buns, but there are yummy ones too.


Set up a complimentary Food Sensitivity Breakthrough Session to learn more using the link below:

I look forward to working with you and assisting you on your new journey!

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Food Sensitivity Success Map: Your ultimate guide to end the struggle, eat with confidence, and transform your life. Click To Tweet

54 thoughts on “My New Coaching Program: Food Sensitivity Success Map”

  1. This map is going to help so many people! It’s so difficult to navigate all the foods out there. Even some “gluten free” foods aren’t actually gluten free!

  2. Love this article! My uncle is gluten free, and my family has found so many recipes that are so tasty, you can’t even tell the difference!

  3. I seriously love that you are doing this! Dietary restrictions can be so tricky especially being gluten free because it is hidden in so many foods!

  4. It can be tough to make big changes, and it’s good to have some tools to help navigate through it all. Thanks for sharing this. It’s all very interesting and helpful if you need to work through a dietary change.

    • We didn’t really focus on it either until my sister had to completely change her lifestyle and diet. It was a very big struggle and so many people have to change their diets & lifestyles for legitimate reasons. It has become a fad for some people, which marketers latched on to as a way to make money, which is sad.

  5. Food sensitivities are something that I would love to be tested for. Even though I love all foods there are times that I feel a little sick after eating certain things.

    • I would discuss your symptoms with your doctor because it may be an underlying cause such as IBS. Make a list of foods that cause to feel sick or discomfort. That could be a big help to both of you in figuring out what the culprit is.

  6. This is one way to better eating! I think this was such a great post and I’m so happy I stumbled upon your blog. xo, Suzanne


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