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Dietary Restriction Friendly Cornbread

A staple at many Southern dinner tables is cornbread. It’s a great side, especially with a hot meal. Sweet cornbread is typically found in the South, while “regular” cornbread is more common in the North. I feel like “regular” cornbread is bland and definitely prefer the Southern version.

When Nikki had to make changes from her diet, she thought she would miss out on cornbread. Thanks to Aldi’s Live G Free, she doesn’t have to. This cornbread mix is gluten-, wheat-, soy-, dairy-, and egg-free.

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Live G Free Cornbread Mix


Live G Free Cornbread mix
As you can see, this cornbread mix is Certified Gluten-Free.



1 egg or egg replacer

1/4 c dairy-free milk or milk alternative (we used rice milk)

1/2 c oil

That’s all. Really.


-Preheat oven 375 degrees Fahrenheit

-Beat 1 egg/egg replacer, 1/4 c milk or milk alternative, and 1/2 c oil in a large mixing bowl

-Mix in cornbread mix and beat well for 2-3 minutes

-Pour batter in greased 8×8 pan.

-Let stand for 10 minutes.

-Bake until golden brown (approximately 30-35 minutes) OR until a toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean.

Cornbread ingredients in a mixing bowl
It only takes a few ingredients to make the cornbread.


Cornbread mix in mixer
Not only does it look like cake, but it smells like it too.


Cornbread mix in pan
Let sit for 10 minutes before placing in oven.



(12 servings per container; serving size 1/4 c mix & topping 35g)

Per 1/4 c mix & topping                 Per 1 biscuit

Calories                130                                               220

Total Fat                0g                                                 10g

Saturated Fat      0g                                                   1g

Trans Fat             0g                                                   0g

Cholesterol        0mg                                              15mg

Sodium               210mg                                        220mg

Total Carbs           30g                                             30g

Dietary Fiber           1g                                                 1g

Total Sugars           11g                                               12g

Added Sugars        11g                                               11g

Protein                       1g                                                 3g


We loved the cornbread! It is very sweet and fluffy.  This will be a staple in our house.


Golden brown cornbread
Bake until golden brown.


Sliced cornbread
Nikki wanted to eat the whole pan for her dinner.


Slice of cornbread
It’s so perfect and fluffy.


Cornbread slice
Fluffy like a pillow.


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25 thoughts on “Dietary Restriction Friendly Cornbread”

  1. i will surely try your recipe because it looks good on your photos. I might adjust some sweetness and make it more moist because my kid is a sweet tooth and I think she will love it even better.

    • Please let me know if you make it and what the verdict is! It’s pretty moist on it’s own, but if you do adjust the sweetness, let me know because we may try it next time. 🙂

  2. How lovely that you were able to find a cornbread mix that is gluten free. It looks really quick and simple to make and I am glad you enjoyed this.

  3. That looks delicous! I’ve heard so much about cornbread but have never actually tried it myself, I may have to pop to Aldi to try and find this mix!

  4. This is amazing! I didn’t know that cornbread was so popular that they’d make a gluten free version, but that’s simply great for Nikki.

  5. My mom always makes cornbread this way and I LOOOVe eating it. Our whole family is crazy about it, I’m glad someone shared this recipe :))


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