Chicken breast sandwich

What to order at Dunwellz Custom Kitchen and Pour House

Dunwellz Custom Kitchen and Pour House is a local establishment that’s really close to our house. I had been one time several years ago when I met up with a friend. I’m not sure why we never tried going again; we probably just assumed that there weren’t any options for Nikki.

A couple months ago, our dad asked us to dinner. I Googled “gluten-free near me” and I was surprised that Dunwellz popped up. We just assumed that they served bar food. I pulled up their menu and showed it to Nikki. They had gluten-free bread. We decided to try them with our dad.

Dunwellz is a hidden gem in the Charlotte area Click To Tweet

The restaurant has a big open seating area, an island, and a bar. There’s also another room with seating to the right of the main room. If you’d rather sit outdoors, they have patio seating. If you want to watch sports, there are TVs everywhere. It is on the loud side, but you can still have a conversation without struggling.

Dunwellz menu
Dunwellz has a wide variety of options for any palate

They have a variety of gluten-free options for customizable gluten-free salads. You can also customize your sandwiches.  While they have gluten-free cheese options, there are no dairy-free options. If you’re familiar with the Impossible Burger, it’s available here.

Unfortunately, Dunwellz does cook with soybean oil. No fries for Nikki. 🙁 They do offer gluten-free bread for their sandwiches. Nikki chose a chicken sandwich on gluten-free bread. For her side, she chose steamed vegetables. Normally, Nikki tries to bring her own mayo with her, but she was out at the time. Fortunately, the chicken was seasoned so well that she didn’t need anything else.

Chicken breast sandwich
We give this gluten-free bread two thumbs up

We really liked their food a lot! The three of us went back a few weeks later. The second time, Nikki ordered the chicken sandwich, but added bacon this time.

After telling our mom about Dunwellz, she wanted to try it. One night, we decided to try takeout. They have convenient online ordering that lets you make notes, which is extremely helpful when you have dietary restrictions.



Please look away now if you have FOMO over food you can’t have.

On our first visit, I ordered a Cuban sandwich. It was so yummy!

Cuban sandwich& fries

Our dad ordered The Donut Burger. Yep, it’s exactly what you think it is; a burger between a donut. It also had lettuce, tomato, ketchup, mayo, mustard, bacon, and cheese. He really liked it.

Donut burger
The Donut Burger is a unique sandwich

We don’t typically order dessert, but I could tell that my dad wanted to try the Fried Oreos a la Mode. I’ve had fried Oreos once before at the Texas State Fair. These were so good!

Fried Oreos & vanilla ice cream
Fried Oreos are an indulgent treat


On our second visit, I had the Fried Fish Platter. It seems I didn’t get pictures of our food on this visit.

When we ordered takeout, I decided to try The Notorious P.I.G. This burger was topped with roasted pork, Dr. Pepper BBQ sauce, cheese, and onion straws. I wanted to try it because it was so unique and I’m glad I did. It was delicious! Our mom tried it and she even though she loved what she got, mine was better.

The Notorious PIG & Mac & cheese
It’s fun trying new things


Inside of the Notorious PIG
So much food packed into one sandwich


Another shot of the Notorious PIG
This burger was so big, I split it into 2 meals

Our mom got the Meatloaf Sammich. The sandwich comes with mashed potatoes (in the sandwich), onion straws, cheese and Dunwellz signature meatloaf “zauce” on Texas toast. She ordered sweet potatoes tater tots with cinnamon dipping sauce.

Meatloaf Sandwich
This was a big hit

Another sot of the Meatloaf sandwich

As you can tell, we all were big fans of Dunwellz and it will be somewhere we go regularly. Not only is it great to have new places to go to, but we can support a local business at the same time.

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