Fresh fruit turkey

Easy Festive Fresh Fruit Turkey

I still can’t believe Thanksgiving is almost here again. Time to start getting our comfy clothes ready, stretch our stomachs, and plot nap times around parades, eating, football, and eating. I know some of you will be fueling up for Black Friday. More power to you. I just wait for Cyber Monday.

Since Thanksgiving revolves around food, we put together a guide for food for those with dietary restrictions that includes recipes. If you’ve read any of my posts about recipes, you know we like to keep it simple and use as few ingredients as possible. If you’re looking for fancy, this ain’t it.

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After searching Pinterest for Thanksgiving recipe ideas, I came across fruit turkeys. Some of them were simple, some were intricate, and a few included kebobs. There were also vegetable turkeys and others had combination of fruits and veggies. The great thing about the fresh fruit turkey is that we you can use whatever fruit you want and can make it as simple or fancy as you wish. It’s also a great way to get kids involved. They can choose the fruit and the placement.

If you’re not familiar with the fruit turkey, it’s pretty self-explanatory. Use a combination of foods to make food platters fun. You need a body and several rows of feathers. Feel free to give your turkey a face. Some people use construction paper to make the turkey’s face.

We tried to keep our fresh fruit turkey low FODMAP. Nikki has a list of fruits that she can’t eat because they cause gas buildup and/or discomfort. We considered mixing fruits and veggies, but she loves fruit and wanted to stick with all fruit.


-1 medium apple

-1 kiwi

-1 banana

-1 honey dew melon


-1 mandarin


Fresh fruit
You can use any fruit you want, but add a variety of color.



It’s easy to assemble your fruit turkey. Start with a body. We used an apple since we had one (apples are high FODMAP).

Build your feathers around the body. I recommend 3-4 rows of fruit feathers, but you can have as many as you’d like.

Layer each row to makes the feathers fan out.

Optional: Slice a grape in half for eyes. Use mandarin slices for a beak. You can also add legs if you so desire.


Fresh fruit turkey


Fresh fruit turkey
The resemblance is uncanny.


This recipe is truly D.I.Y. You have the ability to use your creativity to bring your fruit turkey to life. We decided to use moon drop grapes because of their unique shape. Instead of an apple body, you could use a pear. If you follow a low FODMAP diet, you could use a pineapple chunk or a potato if you’re making a fruit and veggie turkey. The possibilities are endless (mostly, unless you’re on a low FODMAP diet)!


Fresh fruit turkey
A fresh fruit turkey might make you less wobbly.


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I’d love to see if you make a fresh fruit turkey (or veggie or a combo)! Be sure to tag GFS and use the hashtag glutenfreespirited. As always, sharing is caring. Stay up-to-date by following GFS on social media and subscribing to my mailing list. As a bonus, when you sign up for my mailing list, you’ll receive a FREE Beginners Guide to Dietary Restriction Friendly Essentials.

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  1. Can’t believe Thanksgiving is already around the corner either! This fresh fruit turkey looks so fun – and nutritious. Thank you for this great idea!
    xx Luci


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