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Healthy Fast Food in Chicago (GF, DF, SF)

If you’ve read my last couple of posts, you know that we were in Chicago and surrounding areas over Labor Day weekend. You’ll also know that at times, we had trouble finding food options for Nikki. If you have dietary restrictions, you know it can be difficult to find food in a new city. Add in not having a vehicle, hopping between events, and traveling with others (our friends were great and are always understanding & accommodating), it can frustrating. We generally avoid fast food, but found some healthier options.

Uber Eats was a lifesaver on several occasions (this is not an ad, it’s what we found that was helpful). Luckily, they had options in our delivery area that had options for Nikki. Hooray!

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American WildBurger

On the second night, we settled on American WildBurger. They have a variety of burgers, including beef, turkey, and even kale. Their WildBurger is a combo of beef, turkey, and chicken burgers. I don’t know if I’m adventurous enough to try that! American Wildburger offers gluten-free chicken tenders, naked chicken wings, and buns. Nikki settled on a beef burger with a gluten-free buns. I called the restaurant to find out if the buns were also soy- and dairy-free. Fortunately, they were. Unfortunately, they had just used their last one, but would get more the next morning. Nikki decided to go with the lettuce bun.

The pulled pork sandwich caught my eye, but I had never had BBQ outside of the South. I decided to go for it & it was a good decision. We both had fries, which were gluten- and soy-free.

Update 2/2/20:

American Wildburger now has a location in Des Plaines.


Burger, lettuce, & fries
There’s a beef patty in there, I swear.


American WildBurger beef patty
See, I told you there was a beef patty in there.


Brown bag of French fries
Who doesn’t want a bag of fries?


Pulled Pork sandwich
Chicago’s pulled pork is pretty good.

Nic’s Organic Fast Food

Update 2/2/20: Nic’s Organic Fast Food permanently closed in 2019.

On our last day in Chicago, we had some time to kill before heading to their airport. If you read part two of the Starrcast/ ALL IN recap, you’ll know that I tried searching for options at Midway Airport. Unfortunately, there were no options for Nikki. We consulted Uber Eats again. Nic’s Organic Fast Food was an option that we had considered on Friday night, so we decided to give them a try.

Their motto is “Classic food fast favorites with a conscience.” Their food contains no antibiotics, added hormones, GMOs, artificial dyes or colors, preservatives, synthetic herbicides or pesticides, or ionizing radiation. Nic’s is also USDA Organic Certified and Quality Assurance International Certified Organic.

Nic’s offers breakfast, lunch, dinner, and desserts. Along with various burgers, veggie burgers, vegan burgers, and lettuce buns are also offered. The menu also has grilled chicken sandwiches and chicken nuggets.

Nikki chose the hamburger with a lettuce bun (they had an actual lettuce bun, not a bed of shredded lettuce) since the gluten-free bun contains soy. She got the medium combo with fries and a drink. I went with the cheeseburger, organic root beer, and fries. Upon getting our food, Nikki noticed little pieces of cheese on the burger. It appeared as they began to cook it with cheese before realizing it wasn’t supposed to have cheese. Nikki had to pick it off, but she knows it was just a mistake. I did let them know when I left the feedback on UberEats (I still gave them a good rating).


Nic's Organic Fast Food bag
We need more fast food places like Nic’s Organic Fast Food


Nic's Organic Burger
This is what a lettuce bun typically looks like.


Honest T bottle
We need tea with sugar in it.


Nic's Organic Cheeseburger & fries
This meal was so good.

We both really liked the food from both establishments. We both commented that we wished that Nic’s burgers were a little bigger. If you have dietary restrictions in Chicago, we recommend both places.

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30 thoughts on “Healthy Fast Food in Chicago (GF, DF, SF)”

  1. What? WHAT?! How can this even be possible! I am so excited about this. I love the flavor of fast food. There’s just something about it that you can’t beat. The idea that I could have it and NOT kill myself slowly is so amazing!

  2. OMG you’re my hero! I’ve had to be gluten free for three years, and traveling always gives me anxiety because I envision days upon days of nothing but lettuce – LOL. Always good to know places I can check out!

    • LOL my sister was concerned she’d be stuck with fruit & lettuce. I like sharing places that we find to help take some of the work out for others. I’m glad you can find some helpful info here!

  3. Very fun idea! i always eat only organic food (almost always, I do my best to make it so) and fast food sounds fun. I wounldn’t definitely do it often but why not do once a season for instance when you feel naughty, hehe

  4. I love that there are so many gluten-free options now it makes it easier to go through life with gluten allergies and sensitivities.

  5. One thing I can say, Hawaii and fast food might not be in the same sentence as organic fast food any time soon! We are however starting to get a lot of really great organic and vegan restaurants in the up and coming areas of the city which is very exciting! I will keep my eyes open for something this convenient and conscientious of dietary restrictions!

  6. I usually visit Chicago each year, and never eat healthy! It’s fun, but I’m not used to it, living in Italy where we always eat fresh! I like Nic’s Organic; this sounds so tasty!

  7. This post has peaked my appetite! I hope we begin seeing more healthier versions of fast food joints pop up across the country– it’s definitely the right time for them seeing as so many people are so health conscious now. I’m limited to about one or two tried and true spots no matter where I go.


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