Homemade Shamrock Shake

Homemade Shamrock Shake (GF, SF, DF)

Can you believe it’s already March? Spring is almost here. *praise hands emoji* March is often associated with green. Green grass, green leaves, green beer. St. Patrick’s Day epitomizes all things green. Corned beef, fish and chips, and Irish soda bread are commonly associated foods with the holiday. Another favorite is McDonald’s Shamrock Shake. The green shake is available annually across the United States, Canada, and Ireland. I was surprised to learn that this shake has been around since 1970. I haven’t eaten at McDonald’s in years. I occasionally crave them and have made my own using mint ice cream to make a healthier version. I was trying to decide what festive recipe to make that was dietary-restriction friendly, I decided on a homemade Shamrock Shake.

You only need a few ingredients and a few minutes. It’s really simple to make and you don’t have to wait a long time to consume it.

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1.5 cups So Delicious CocoWhip

1/2 cup So Delicious coconut milk or dairy-free milk alternative

1/4 creme de menthe

Optional: 3-4 ice cubes

fresh mint for garnish


Combine all ingredients in a blender or mixing bowl and blend until smooth.

All done. Yep, that’s it. This makes about 6 ounces.

Pro Tip #1: Swap So Delicious CocoWhip with vanilla yogurt alternative. The recipe I found called for So Delicious vanilla bean coconut milk non-dairy frozen dessert. We noticed a grocery store no longer carried it and from what I can gather from the website, they no longer make this product. That’s why we substituted it with the CocoWhip.

Pro Tip #2: For a thinner shake, add more coconut milk or dairy-free milk alternative.

The shake is REALLY good! It’s a really great alternative to the real deal. Next time, I think we’ll also add a chocolate garnish.

Here are some visuals to appeal to your tastebuds.


A bottle of creme de menthe
St. Patrick’s Day = green alcohol


Creme de menthe with other ingredients
You can already tell this is going to be good!


Homemade Shamrock Shake in mixing bowl
I won’t judge you if you drink directly from the bowl.


Homemade Shamrock Shake in a glass
Or if you abide by societal norms, you can pour it into a cup.


Homemade Shamrock Shake
As long as you carry this around, you can’t get pinched.

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23 thoughts on “Homemade Shamrock Shake (GF, SF, DF)”

  1. I think I’ll drink directly from the bowl Sam 😀 Love creme de menthe and can only imagine how yummy a shake version must be. Hope you, Nikki and the rest of the family have a very happy St Patrick’s Day

    • Michelle, I wanted to drink it from the bowl too. I need one of those huge margarita glasses to fill with this Shamrock Shake. lol Thanks, Michelle! I hope you & your family do too. 🙂

  2. This looks like a really great way to celebrate St Patricks Day. The shake looks delicious and I love the colour.

  3. This green shamrock shake looks and sounds so good, loving the ingredients as well as the consistency, rich and healthy. I would love to try this at home.

  4. Oh, my!! This homemade shamrock shade looks really delicious and interesting to try. I will be pinning this recipe.

  5. Perfect for St. Paddy’s Day (and not only). It sounds refreshing and healthy! 🙂 Have to show this to my hubby who’s actually Irish (not only having got Irish heritage but born in Ireland) 🙂
    Nadia (Miel and Mint blog)


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