Hwy 55 menus

What to Order at Hwy 55 if you have food sensitivities

For a long time, we were under the impression that there weren’t any options at Hwy 55 for Nikki. I had scanned the menu and it didn’t look like they had anything she could eat. After going to a location in Florence, SC, we were pleased to find some options.

If you’re unfamiliar with Hwy 55, the restaurant serves fresh food and cooks it in an open-grill in view of customers. It started in 1991 in a small town in North Carolina under the name Andy’s Cheesesteaks & Cheeseburgers. It has grown to more than 130 locations across 15 states (with 90 in NC alone).

Hwy 55 menus
The retro decor gives Hwy 55 a nostalgic ambience


Hwy 55 napkin dispenser


Elvis wall
The wall of Elvis is my personal favorite

They have retro decorations that transport you back in time. The kids food is served in (cardboard) classic cars.

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Pink phone
How cute is this pink phone?


Andy Griffith and I Love Lucy
No establishment from yesteryear is complete without these figures

Hwy 55 offers made-to-order salads, hot dogs, and build-your-own hamburgers. The location we were at cooks their food in vegetable oil (which contains soy). They grill their meat without using oil, so the hamburgers should be safe to eat for those with certain food sensitivities (as always, make sure you ask questions related to your specific needs). Hwy 55 doesn’t have gluten-free buns, but some locations may offer lettuce buns.

Nikki ordered the Andy Size (regular sized) double burger with bacon. Sadly, there were no sides that she could have since the fries and tots are cooked in vegetable oil.

Hwy 55’s burgers are fresh and never frozen



(Not Safe for the Dietary Conscious)

If you don’t want to see the options you can’t have, please scroll now. I’ll wait.


I opted for the Shrimp Burger, which I thought was shrimp on top of a burger. I was incorrect. Its shrimp and slaw on a hamburger bun. Since I’m not a fan of slaw, I ordered mine without. Even with it being shrimp on a bun, it was still really good. The tots were perfect; not overcooked at all. BTW, their tea was excellent.

The shrimp burger is unique


As famous as they are for their burgers, Hwy 55’s shakes are also really popular. They also have frozen custard, floats, and sundaes. I had a peanut butter cookie dough milkshake and it was delicious.

Peanut butter cookie dough shake
I highly recommend the shakes at Hwy 55


Even though she didn’t have many options, Nikki still thought the burger had a good flavor. It’s always nice to have new places to go to, especially when traveling.

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What to order at Hwy 55 if you have food sensitivities Click To Tweet

20 thoughts on “What to Order at Hwy 55 if you have food sensitivities”

  1. I love highway 55. We’ve been to the one in Gastonia NC. I’m glad they have gluten free options. Everything is darn yummy and a great atmosphere.

  2. It can be so difficult to find a place to eat when you have food allergies or sensitivities. I am allergic to gluten so I am always so happy to find gluten-free items on a menu. I’m glad you found something here.


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