IHOP hash browns & grits

What to order at IHOP if you have food sensitivities

IHOP isn’t probably a place you’d expect to eat at if you have dietary restrictions. For many diets, it’s probably not an option. However, if you’re traveling or wanting to try something different, you might be able to find something that works for you.

A few weeks ago, our dad sent a text late one Saturday night asking if we wanted to meet to get something to eat. Nikki & I had been out late shopping & hadn’t changed into pajamas yet, so we decided to go. At that time of night, you’re pretty limited on restaurant options. My dad suggested IHOP, so Nikki checked their online menu.

At the bottom of the website, you’ll find an allergen menu (on a laptop/desktop, it’ll download automatically when you click on it). The menu is broken down by menu item and allergens. There were a lot of X’s on a majority of the menu. Note: if you have Celiac, be sure to ask how they cook their food and if they have a separate area dedicated to non cross contamination.

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Once we got to IHOP, Nikki asked the waiter her routine questions such as, “what kind of oil do you cook your food in?” Our waiter was really nice and understanding of Nikki’s food sensitivities. He said he had some stomach issues, but ate the problematic food anyway. He also had a friend with food issues.

Nikki ordered grits and hash browns. Even though she could technically have bacon, she decided against it since it can occasionally cause her stomach discomfort. Since we knew ahead of time that we were going to IHOP, Nikki brought her own butter.

Our waiter was convinced that Nikki’s butter didn’t taste like butter. There was a little left on the container she brought it in, so she offered to let him try it. To his surprise, he admitted that it did taste like real butter. 😀

IHOP hash browns & grits
Breakfast is good anytime!

Nikki really liked the food, but she thinks that the hash browns caused some stomach discomfort later.

Last weekend, our dad asked if we’d like to meet after an event we were at had ended. Since it was a bit later, we decided to go to IHOP again.

Since Nikki had some stomach discomfort after the first visit, she decided to try ham instead. Even though she was butterless, she also ordered grits again. Unfortunately, the ham seemed to cause some stomach upset as well.


IHOP ham & grits
Ham makes for a good garnish.

At this point, Nikki will probably just stick to grits for future visits.

Updated 2020:

Last year, IHOP introduced “gluten-friendly” menu items. This is cashing in on customers that are gluten-free because they chose to be, not because they have to be. You can read more on why it’s not safe for people with gluten sensitivities/allergies. This article has more on the ingredients in the “gluten-friendly” items.



For those wanting pancake #foodporn, I didn’t leave you hanging.

If you’re going to be jealous of these photos, please begin scrolling now.


The first night that we went, I had the Belgian Dark Chocolate Mousse Pancakes. It also came with eggs and bacon. It was really delicious, but I’m kinda mad that I didn’t get the Grinch pancakes (they weren’t on the menu, but it was on the website & I saw an ad for it later). Yes, this was enough for two meals.

Belgian Chocolate Mousse pancakes and eggs and bacon
Give me all the chocolate!

Our dad ordered Cupcake Pancakes and a Cheeseburger omelette. He shared the wheat toast with his service dog, Caine. I got to try the Cupcake Pancakes and they’re delicious (he couldn’t finish it all & sent it home with me).

Cupcake pancakes and cheeseburger omelettes
IHOP lets you have interesting combinations

On our second visit, I ordered the Vanilla Spice Pancakes. After seeing (and smelling) mine, my dad decided to order his own. We both really enjoyed these.

Vanilla Spice pancakes
Even though I’m a chocolate fan, I really liked these.

Overall, your options may be limited. In a pinch with little options, you may be able to find something that IHOP that fits your dietary needs.

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  1. So glad that there are more options these days for people with dietary restrictions.
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