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What to order from Metro Diner if you have food sensitivities

There’s a restaurant that’s not too far from us that we kept passing and always forgot the name of. One night, Nikki took a picture of it so that we’d remember it. Nikki Googled it and learned that they had a gluten-free menu. Score!

A few weeks later, our dad invited us to dinner and asked if I needed “a new place for my vlog” (yes, he said vlog and not blog). We told him about Metro Diner and decided to try it out.

My dad & I had regular menus & Nikki had a gluten-free menu. Our waiter was really nice & very helpful in answering Nikki’s questions.

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Nikki chose the American Burger (minus cheese, tomato, & mayo) and salad. Nikki came prepared with her own salad dressing with her.


Metro Diner bun
Nikki approved of the bun



Metro Diner Burger

I was scanning the menu and saw pulled pork. My decision was made. While waiting on the waiter, I looked more closely at the description. The Pulled Pork Mac Stack is a half-pound of BBQ over Mac and Cheese and cornbread waffle with maple butter. Yes, you read that right.

Pulled Pork, Mac & Cheese, and Cheddar Waffles
I was not prepared for the amount of food I received.


This made THREE meals. THREE.

My dad ordered chicken tenders and fries, which he enjoyed.

Chicken Tenders and fries
Sometimes, you just need chicken tenders.

We all really enjoyed our food and the service was really great.

Night Two at Metro Diner

We liked it so much that we went again the next night. Our dad told his mom about it and she wanted to try it.

Nikki decided to try the Metro Club, minus the cheese, mayo, and tomatoes. Not only did she bring her own dressing, but she also brought her own mayo. She always tries to be prepared!

Metro Club
So much food that it was a second meal


Our dad went with the Monte Cristo since he hadn’t it in a long time. He liked them, but it wasn’t his favorite.

Monte Cristo with fries

I decided to go with fish and chips. I liked it.


Fish and Chips
Metro Diner has so many options

Nana ordered the braised beef tips, fried zucchini, salad, and a baguette. She really liked her food.

Braised Beef Tips
This also ended up being a second meal

Third Visit to Metro Diner

Nikki & I were telling our mom about Metro Dinner and she really wanted to try it, so we ordered takeout. If you’re keeping track, that’s three times in one week that Nikki & I had food from Metro Diner.


Metro Diner To Go bag
Metro Diner: Where the Locals Eat

Nikki liked the Metro Club so much that she got it again.

Our mom ordered the Chicken Pot Pie. She’s a big fan of this dish and really liked Metro Diner’s version.


Chicken Pot Pie
Our mom didn’t even bother with a plate and dug in immediately.


I ordered the Chicken Parmesan with garlic bread. There were three chicken breasts in this order.

Chicken Parmesan
You guessed it: this ended up being several meals

Fourth Visit

A couple weeks later, we decided to do another takeout order.

Metro Diner sign
We meet again.

Take a guess on what Nikki ordered. lol

I wasn’t super hungry, so I decided to try Three Cheese Grilled Cheese. Keeping with the cheese theme, I also had Mac & Cheese.

Three grilled cheese and Mac & Cheese
Give me all of the cheese.

My mom never had chicken and waffles before and decided to try that. She liked it. This also came with strawberry butter.


Chicken and Waffles
So. Much. Food.


Strawberry Butter & Waffles
This is a yummy twist

So, as you can tell, we really like Metro Diner. There have some really good options. If you’re interested in trying Metro Diner, they are in 14 states.

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    • I was really surprised by the meal portions. The Metro Club that my sister gets usually makes two meals. My mom said the fried chicken reminded her of the way her mom made it. πŸ™‚

  1. This is an excellent guide to the restaurant. Knowing exactly what you can order before going to the restaurant saves a lot of time and hassle for those who can only eat certain things.

  2. Wow! That looks like a good place to eat and those food looks really delicious. Honestly, seeing these makes my mouth so watering!

  3. What a great restaurant. Love all of their food. I would love to try them all! Perfect cause they offer food for people with dietary reatriction.

  4. very useful post and advise overall. I know a lot of people struggle with dairy restrictions and can’t seam to find what to order. This place looks great for them!


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