Burnt Ends from Midwood Smokehouse

What to Order at Midwood Smokehouse if You Have Dietary Restrictions

Full disclosure: Midwood Smokehouse is my favorite restaurant (my dad & his service dog, Caine, are well known at multiple locations). They have delicious food and an awesome staff. BBQ is serious business in the South. Depending on where you go in North Carolina (and where you were raised), one can find one of three bases: tomato (the only acceptable BBQ for my body), vinegar (pass), and mustard (gross). With four locations in North Carolina and one in South Carolina, their scrumptious food is spreading throughout the Carolinas.

Midwood Smokehouse menu
Midwood Smokehouse has 4 locations in Charlotte & surrounding areas and Columbia, SC.
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As you can imagine, BBQ isn’t the best for people with dietary restrictions. However, the Plaza-Midwood location offers the following that may be suitable:

-Burnt ends (cooked in Cheerwine BBQ sauce)

-Crinkle cut and sweet potato fries (cooked in soybean oil)

-BBQ slaw (vinegar based)

-Collard greens

-Smoked veggies

-Bacon wrapped jalapeños

All BBQ sauces are gluten-free. Midwood Smokehouse also offers custom salads. Check out their menu for more.

Note: Soybean oil is used in the fryer and for the ribs.


Nikki ordered the Carolina Pork with a plain salad with cucumbers. Unfortunately, we either didn’t take a picture of her food or it was put on Snapchat and not saved. The pork caused Nikki some slight stomach discomfort.

To make up for it, here is a picture of the burnt ends that Nikki is thinking of ordering on our next visit. Just pretend the hushpuppies and mac and cheese aren’t there.

Burnt Ends from Midwood Smokehouse
It’s okay to drool on your screen. I won’t judge.


My dad has been to several locations and has tried everything on the menu (he lives just minutes from the Plaza-Midwood location).



I know you’ve been waiting on some #foodporn and I got you covered.

I usually get the Carolina Pork as well, but on this occasion, I decided to change it up. I ordered their Cuban sandwich, along with hushpuppies (Caine’s favorite) and mac & cheese.

Since I stated earlier that mustard is gross, I do not allow it on Cuban sandwiches. No mayo either. *insert green barfing emoji*


Cuban sandwich from Midwood Smokehouse
I am hungry just looking at this picture.

Even though the pork caused Nikki some discomfort, we want to go back to see if she can eat the Burnt Ends and go back to eating at Midwood Smokehouse more often. We highly recommend them!

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25 thoughts on “What to Order at Midwood Smokehouse if You Have Dietary Restrictions”

  1. Oh my yumminess, those burnt ends look so delicious Sam and the Cuban sandwich too. One of those would go down a treat right now. I just have to ask, did you save of your hushpuppies for Caine or does he get his own when you guys go to Midwood?

    • My dad & I both shared them with Caine. However, he does get his own hushpuppies at some places. At another restaurant, the waitress tore them into pieces since they were hot and she didn’t want him to burn his mouth. LOL He’s so spoiled!

    • He eats out pretty often since he’s a bachelor and never wants to cook. This location is a few minutes from his house, so he goes pretty often. 😀

  2. Wow I am absolutely starving now!!!! This food looks absolutely delicious and I’d totally love to try this place!!!

  3. I’m from KC, so I’m familiar with BBQ! However, as a vegan I don’t go to many BBQ restaurants anymore. It is nice that they offer smoked veggies!!

  4. That all looks incredible. I know it’s hard with restrictions – my FIL has a few. We’ve noticed that when we go somewhere new that if we ask most places are very generous about helping out. Especially the little mom & pop shops.

  5. Oh, I’m sorry that nikki got stomach discomfort with what she ordered! wha is it soybean oil so popular in the US restaurants? I’m not familiar with this here.

    • Thanks, Nati. I really don’t know why it’s so common here. There’s also been reports recently that it isn’t good for your health & can cause cardiovascular problems.

  6. Oh, I am badly craving for this. This is so good, this will be a huge hit! This would disappear in no time at our house!

  7. This sounds like a great place to eat. It really looks like you enjoyed it. It’s nice to hear you would go back even though the pork did cause some discomfort.


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