Hamburger from Moochies Tavern

What to Order at Moochies Tavern If You Have Dietary Restrictions

My dad had invited Nikki & I to dinner several times in about a 10 day period. Unfortunately, Nikki was dealing with a flare up and wasn’t ready to eat anything at a restaurant. We also needed new establishments to try. Last weekend, we were finally able to take our dad up on his offer. He had told us about a restaurant that he’d been to called Moochies Tavern.

Fortunately for us, Moochies Tavern isn’t far from Nikki & I. Prior to our visit, I attempted to find their menu online. They’re under new management, so their website is under construction. We decided to go anyway. At the very least, Nikki could eat a bun-less hamburger.

Our dad (and Caine, of course) arrived a couple minutes before us. He had already asked about a gluten-free menu, and was told that they didn’t have one. Our waitress said they did have one gluten-free bun left. She also suggested the chicken salad sandwich (which could be put on the gluten-free bun) and the lobster roll. Nikki couldn’t have either, so she decided on a hamburger with lettuce. Unfortunately, Nikki forgot to bring her own mayo with her. Our waitress was patient and got Nikki’s questions answered from the cook. Sadly, the fries are cooked in soybean oil. They also weren’t sure if their chicken marinade contained soy. Since the fries were a no go, Nikki had a side of streamed broccoli.


Hamburger from Moochies Tavern
Nikki really liked the gluten-free bun.


I considered a pulled pork sandwich, but I had that for Independence Day and leftovers for a couple days after. I decided to listen to my inner child and ordered a grilled cheese with fries. I’m glad I listened to her because it was yummy! Since the waitress was adamant that the chicken sandwich was very good, my dad decided to try it. He ordered a side of sweet potato fries. The fries came with a dip that was honey and cinnamon. He let me try it and it was really good! I don’t care for sweet potato fries, but I think the dip would’ve been the perfect partner.

Our waitress thought Caine was really sweet and brought him a bowl of water. She said they also had dog treats and asked if he could have some. I don’t think she ever brought him treats, but he had some of my dad’s fries and was quite content with that.

We all liked Moochies Tavern. It’s convenient, has a good atmosphere, and nice staff.


For those of you that can’t have gluten, soy, or dairy, you might either want to scroll past or drool on your keyboard. No judgement either way.


Grilled cheese and fries
Sometimes, you should listen to your inner child, especially when its hungry.


Chicken salad sandwich & sweet potato fries
My dad was glad he listened to our waitress.


Caine, the dog
Just waiting on someone to share their fries


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28 thoughts on “What to Order at Moochies Tavern If You Have Dietary Restrictions”

  1. Awwww you left the best for last. Caine is such a sweetie pie. That alone would make me want to go try out the food at Moochie’s Tavern. Well that and the thought of having sweet potato fries with a honey and cinnamon dip. It looks yummy. So sorry that Nikki lucked out again. Hope she’s feeling better

    • I knew I had to add that picture of Caine! πŸ˜€ He’s a photogenic boy. The cinnamon and honey dip was so yummy. We went to another restaurant this week (one I’ve written about before) & my dad got sweet potato fries. They also had a cinnamon & honey dip that he liked. She is feeling better, thank you! πŸ™‚

  2. That grilled cheese with fries looks absolutely amazing! It would be my go to if I ever visited. Nice of the waitress to bring your dog over some water too!

  3. We don’t have a Moochies Tavern here in the UK but it’s so nice to read abut a restaurant where the staff and kind and considerate and the food is good. Caine looked so cute waiting for his treats!

    • The staff was really great and was patient with all my sister’s questions. It’s nice when they don’t make you feel like it’s a hassle. He was so glad when my dad finally share his fries with him! lol

  4. This seems like a great place to visit. How sweet that they allow pets too. I find these posts really interesting as sometimes its hard to know where to eat if someone has a dietary requirement!

    • It was a great visit and the staff was nice. Caine is a service dog, so legally he is allowed anywhere my dad goes. Most people never mind him being around and many of them ask if they can pet him. πŸ˜€ I always like to share when we find restaurants that have options because it can be hard to find places sometimes.

  5. I’m sure it’s so difficult to eat out with so many restrictions!! My dad always takes us out while he’s in town so I totally get that! Her lunch did look really good despite the struggle with the menu! And how cool that it was dog friendly!

    • It can be difficult, so I definitely like to share when we find restaurants that offer options, even when it’s limited. Caine got a lot of attention, as he usually does. πŸ™‚

  6. By reading your article, the restaurant staff seemed nice to me, but not very much informed about dietary restrictions, that’s actually a pitty!

    • They weren’t very informed at all. At least they were nice about it. The waitress didn’t realize that so many restaurants actually DO offer food for customers with dietary restrictions. It was nice that they at least had gluten free buns.


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