Nice cream

Easy Nice Cream (DF, GF, SF, Vegan)

Who else screams for ice cream?

Here in Charlotte, it stays in the 90s this time of year. With the humidity, it can feel closer to 100 some days. I love where I live, but humidity is the bane of my existence. That’s one of the reason to love ice cream. What happens when you can’t have dairy? Well, there are some really yummy dairy-free “frozen dessert treats”. However, you can make your own. No churning involved! It’s called nice cream.

What is nice cream? It has a base of blended bananas with other ingredients mixed it. This particular nice cream recipe includes strawberries and blueberries.

This recipe requires a few ingredients and only a few minutes. As you’ve probably noticed by now, that’s our favorite kind of recipe. You’ll want to make it all summer long! It’s perfect for parties, cookouts, and get togethers.

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– 4-6 frozen bananas

-1/2-1 c almond milk or dairy-free alternative

-4 c frozen strawberries

-vanilla ice cream

*for topping

– fresh blueberries

– fresh strawberries (chopped)


This recipe is strawberrilicious.


Festive topping



-Blend frozen bananas with vanilla extract, and splash of dairy-free alternative until smooth. Place in a bowl
and place in freezer.

-Blend frozen strawberries and dairy-free alternative until smooth.

-In cups, layer flavors as you like.

-Top with blueberries and strawberries.

*Pro tip: If you freeze fresh bananas like we did, peel them before freezing. We forgot & had a fun time peeling them. Oops.


This recipe makes 2-4 servings.


Blended bananas
It reminded Nikki of banana pudding.


Perfect for 95 degree days


Nice Cream
Get creative with your layers


Nice cream
Nice cream is perfect for your July 4th festivities!

We had fresh blueberries and strawberries, so we decided to freeze them. We used them for both
the blender and the topping.

When placing the banana blend back in the freezer, leave it for approximately 5 minutes. Otherwise,
it’ll start melting at room temperature.

This nice cream is a really great alternative for ice cream or dairy-free alternatives. It’s super easy to
make. Nice cream is a very healthy snack option as well!

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16 thoughts on “Easy Nice Cream (DF, GF, SF, Vegan)”

  1. Oh how yummilicious Sam. I bet that must be such a treat on a hot day and bananas are one of my favorite fruits too. Love how easy it looks to make too. That’s my kinda pudding all round

    • It’s just like eating ice cream with none of the guilt. lol It’s perfect for this time of year. It took about 10 minutes to make (having pre-frozen fruit helped shorten the time).

  2. This is my kind of treat! I’ve been looking for a reason to use my friend’s berries since she says we’re going to cook at their house for a special occasion, I guess I can handle the dessert part now. Nice cream sounds cool!

  3. Im such a fan of nice cream, it is a lovely healthy pudding to have and is so lovely and quick to make. Yours looks delicious indeed!

  4. There is something about home made ice-cream that makes it irresistible! I’m glad you share this diary-free version, that’s very important!


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