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What to order at Outback if you have food sensitivities

I’ve been meaning to review Outback for a while, but end up going to other restaurants instead. It’s hard not to when some of my favorites are nearby.

My mom had been craving lobster tail for the previous week or so when she saw a commercial for Outback’s offer for lobster tail and steak. Now seemed as good of time as any to pick up Outback for dinner.


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Outback bag
No Rules. Just Right.


We were pleased to find that Outback has a gluten-free menu on their website. I didn’t see this on the mobile version, but the desktop version has a Gluten-Free FAQ with questions answered by their registered dietitians

Unsurprisingly, there wasn’t any information about what their food is cooked in. I called the restaurant to ask about it. This took three phone calls since I was (mistakenly) hung up on twice. The second person actually said that they cook their food in a lot of different things. When I told him my sister had food sensitivities, he quickly said he’d go find out for me. He somehow hung up on me. Third times a charm because I finally got an answer: beef tallow.

Note: I don’t know if all locations cook their food with beef tallow, so be sure to ask.

Nikki chose the six ounce steak, baked potato, and salad. She was bummed that fries were not on the gluten-free menu. We ordered take out and got a bit of a surprise. The steak looked like it had shrunk.

You’ll notice that the salad is rather bare. Nikki has to have certain vegetables removed that cause issues for her. She also ordered it without dressing so that she can use her own.

Outback steak, baked potato, & salad
Not sure why this 6 oz steak looks so small.

Even though the baked potato was bigger than the steak, Nikki said the steak was still good. She liked everything she ordered. The beef tallow didn’t cause any stomach discomfort.



I know some of you are probably looking for food porn of the lobster tail. Of course I have photographic evidence.


Lobster Tail & Steak
Outback’s $15.99 deal

She scarfed down the lobster tail before even touching the steak and potato. As for the verdict? She said she could’ve gotten better lobster tail at the grocery store and for cheaper. She said the steak wasn’t bad, but felt the food was overpriced.

I also had the six ounce steak and had fries for my side. I thought it was pretty good.


Outback steak and fries
My steak looks normal


Nikki & I were pleased with the food, but agreed that it was a bit pricey. We have other steakhouses that we prefer.

If you’re traveling, you’re likely to come across Outback. Not only are they located throughout the US, but you can find them in Australia, China, Guam, Qatar, and Indonesia among other countries.

It is always great to have more options when you have dietary restrictions. It’s really great to have a gluten-free menu along with gluten-free FAQ. Of course, this can vary from location to location, so please make sure to ask questions related to your specific needs.

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38 thoughts on “What to order at Outback if you have food sensitivities”

  1. I have never tried an Outback before but it is always interesting to know how well they cater to dietary restrictions. I am glad you liked the meal, it is a shame it was a little pricey however.

  2. I haven’t been to outback in years. That steak was extremely small, yes! They’re price point could be so much better, I would totally go back if it were.

    • That’s why we’ve stayed way for so long. We found other places that we really enjoy that fits out budget better. It is good to find a new place to add in to the mix or to know there’s options when traveling.


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