20 thoughts on “What to Order at Punch Bowl Social If You Have Dietary Restrictions”

  1. I’m really enjoying taking a virtual trip with you to Atlanta Sam. I’ve only stopped over there for a few hours on the way to a conference in Philly and that doesn’t really count. Love the way Nikki described her food this time around. That makes a change after all the “blandness” she normally has to choose from. You know, before reading your blog I had absolutely no idea how difficult it must be for someone who suffers from a food intolerance (is that the right word?) to find a place that serves something decent that’s not going to mess up your system. It’s been a real eye opener for me

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the virtual trip! 🙂 Food intolerance would be correct since it’s not an allergy for her. We didn’t really have any idea until she had to change her diet so drastically. It’s not something you really think about until you or someone you know experiences it. Nikki says all the time that she’s lucky hers isn’t as severe as some people. IBS is no walk in the park, but she doesn’t have to worry about the risk of being hospitalized or even worse.

    • I really like it Atlanta, but I HATE driving in it! lol One of the great things about the new ballpark is that it’s 20 minutes north of the city, so the traffic isn’t quite as bad. I had never heard of the restaurant until my friend told us about it. I kept wanting to call is Punch Drunk Social. Not quite it. 🙂

  2. Punch Bowl Social looks like a great place to hang out and good thing to learn there are about 13 locations in the States. I do hope to try out this unique experience.

  3. That’s so nice that you got to catch up with old friends and try somewhere new. The first image has me hungry, like honestly that looks simple but sooo tasty! The vodka cranberry looks nice too, I’ve never had one of those!

    • It was a really great time! Nikki really loved their food. We’ll probably go there again on our next trip to Atlanta. 🙂 A friend of mine from NY introduced me to vodka cranberry when I was visiting a few years ago. It’s me & Nikki’s go-to drink when we’re out.

  4. Punch bowl social looks like a really nice place. I am loving the look of the place, the drinks and food look great. Your finds are always helpful for anyone with dietary restrictions, adding this place to my list to check out.

    • Thanks, Preet! I definitely recommend checking them out. I read that each restaurant takes different elements of the city they’re located, so it would be cool to visit all of the locations.

  5. Amazing trip! I’m glad you find some great gluten-free options there, the pancakes sounded good, but what you finally chose looks delicious!

  6. I enjoy these posts you do, it’s really interesting to know which places cater for dietary needs like this. I am glad you enjoyed your trip here.

  7. You found some delicious looking lunch selections. It’s so convenient that restaurants are considering how to accommodate people with dietary restrictions. There are so many more options now.

  8. This place sounds amazing, I would love to visit it! And your food looks bloody delicious, it’s so great that you found something for yourself. Here it’s so hard to find good places to eat if you have any dietary restrictions.

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