Red Robin has gluten-free buns.

What to order at Red Robin if you have food sensitivities

*Red Robin! Yum.*

It’s been a really long time since I’ve eaten at Red Robin. It’s not exactly far away, but it’s not a place I pass by often either. My dad invited Nikki & I to dinner & told us to pick a place. We’d been talking about going to Red Robin since we knew they had gluten-free buns and fries. They are also one of AllergyEats 2017 Top 10 Allergy-Friendly Restaurant Chains. There are 538 locations throughout the U.S.

Red Robin is one of the Top 20 AllergyEats Allergy-Friendly restaurant chains.
Red Robin is one of the Top 10 AllergyEats Allergy-Friendly


Red Robin's substitution menu page.
Red Robin has a menu page with various substitutions.
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Our server was very nice and attentive. She brought Nikki a tablet with their interactive menu, Allergen Customizer, and got answers for Nikki’s questions. The interactive menu is easy to navigate and helpful. You can check which ingredients you wish to avoid. From there, the user can select appetizers, entrees, sides, and desserts.

Red Robin's Interactive Menu allows you to select ingredients patrons wish to avoid.
Red Robin’s interactive menu is one of the best we’ve used.

The fries are cooked in separate fryers, but in vegetable oil. The fries *are* gluten-free, but are *not* soy-free. Which is a bummer because they have Bottomless Fries. *insert sad face emjoji*

After considering a lettuce wrap, Nikki chose the Red’s Tavern Double Burger. Her order removed cheese, tomatoes, & Red Robin Special Sauce. She also opted for a salad (or more accurately lettuce and cucumbers) with Italian dressing. Nikki approves of the bun, saying it was really good and it tastes like a normal bun.


Red Robin has gluten-free buns.
Nikki approves Red Robin’s gluten-free bun.


Red Robin Red Tavern Burger with gluten-free bun.
When you can’t eat many burger toppings, you get pretty limited options.


Red Robin side salad and Italian dressing.
It may not fries, but at least their salad and Italian dressing is yummy.

I also got the Red’s Tavern Double Burger with cheese & ketchup. Our dad also got the Red’s Tavern Double Burger with everything on it. He also got the Bottomless Root Beer Floats. He let me try it & it was really good! It’s only $4.49 too.



Here is the aforementioned Root Beer Float.

Red Robin Root Beer Float
The Root Beer Floats are so good! They also have Orange Creamsicle & Rasperberry Soda floats. (credit:

Though I also had the Red’s Tavern Double Burger, mine came with Bottomless Fries. They’re really good and should be cooked in canola oil so those that are also soy-free can enjoy them too.


Red Robin's Red's Tavern Double Burger
Yum!, indeed.

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59 thoughts on “What to order at Red Robin if you have food sensitivities”

  1. It’s great that you can select your dietary allergies on the tablet and then you will see what your choices are. It’s so much easier than doing it manually by consulting the menu. The burger looks very yummy!

  2. I love Red Robin! And I’m glad they have options for those with dietary restrictions. They have amazing root beer floats. It’s where I got the idea to make Not Your Fathers Root Beer floats at home.

  3. Oh dear, I always feel so sorry for Nikki. It doesn’t seem fair somehow to have to watch what you eat all the time. Good thing there’s places like Red Robin though that try and make it easier. Pity about the chips, because they look scrumptious, maybe they’ll change the oil as you suggested so Nikki can enjoy some too.

    • I feel bad sometimes that I’m able to enjoy foods that she can. She was sad she couldn’t indulge in bottomless fries. She said to tell you that she appreciates the sympathy and that it’s hard to always eat like she’s supposed to. She knows the consequences aren’t usually worth it!

  4. It is great to see places very careful and attentive offering alternatives to the ones with allergies. Where I live is still not so common and going out to eat for it is a nightmare. Lucky you! BTW that burger looks amazing!

  5. Oh this place looks fantastic, I wish we had some of the places you are reviewing. Its so nice to see a way to just ignore all the ingredients you DON’T want instead of having to go through everything to see if it doesn’t have it – thats straight forward thinking!

  6. IT’s fantastic that more restaurants are growing/ showing more concern for their patrons. I’ve eat at red robin plenty of times and have noticed this n thiere menu and the attentive behavior they have to make sure they get the order correct for each person.

    • It really is fantastic that more restaurants have more options. It can be limiting to only have a few places to eat at, besides they’re missing out on so many potential customers. Red Robin is really wonderful. Other establishments should take note!

  7. Interesting post to read as someone who does not have many restrictions, but can be picky. I am also checking out your cracker barrel post. Good to see you found some yummy options.

  8. Very helpful post! Thanks for putting in all the research! I may not have dietary restrictions myself, but I enjoyed reading. Might come in handy someday!

  9. The restaurants you’ve reviewed should totally put your article on their sites or in their shop! Because it will be so relevant for visiting customers! I haven’t been to Red Robin, but loved how dedicated your article is!

    • Thank you, Tiffany! A friend of mine actually suggested reaching out to the PR companies or managers of specific locations with a link to my blog posts about them. Maybe I should! 🙂


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