Grilled Chicken sandwich & fries from Ruby Tuesday.

What to Order at Ruby Tuesday If You Have Dietary Restrictions

“Goodbye Ruby Tuesday/Who could hang a name on you…”

Sorry. Wrong Ruby Tuesday. The casual fast food restaurant has 540 locations across the US, Central America, the Middle East, Iceland, and Hong Kong. That’s great news if you’re traveling and need to find somewhere that offers various dietary options (and maybe if you want something familiar while traveling). Since discovering this information, we’ve ordered from Ruby Tuesday several times (Ruby TueGo Online Ordering is a nifty option that we always use).

If you’re curious about what options you can find at Ruby Tuesday, utilize their Allergen & Lifestyle Menu. You’re able to select multiple options (milk, eggs, peanuts, soy, etc.) at once if needed. From there, the menu comes up and you can choose from Lunch & Dinner Menu, Fit & Trim, Featured Items, Kids, and Fresh Garden Bar. After choosing a specific section, you are taken to even more options and can find more specific menu items.

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Nikki orders the Grilled Chicken Sandwich with shredded lettuce and a gluten-free bun. She’s ordered fries with them every time. According to the Nutrition FAQ, their food is cooked in “trans-fat-free soybean oil”. To Nikki’s recollection, their food hasn’t ever given her a problem. FYI: Nikki says that their gluten-free bun is one of the few that she likes.

Grilled Chicken sandwich & fries from Ruby Tuesday.
Nikki’s usual Ruby Tuesday order.


Grilled Chicken Sandwich & fries from Ruby Tuesday
They aren’t stingy on their shredded lettuce or fries.



Avert your eyes if you don’t want to look at #foodporn containing gluten, soy, & dairy.



Bacon. Cheeseburger. Goodness.

Bacon cheeseburger & fries from Ruby Tuesday
Get in my belly.

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40 thoughts on “What to Order at Ruby Tuesday If You Have Dietary Restrictions”

  1. It’s great that they have an interactive menu for people with dietary restrictions. I am lactose intolerant and while I am ok if I have just a little bit of dairy, I get really sick if there’s a lot of fat in it. So choosing from this kind of a menu is really useful.

    • It’s so helpful when restaurants have menus that provide dietary information so that people can find out ahead of time if they can eat there and what their options are. I wish more restaurants would have menus like this!

  2. The gluten-free chicken bun looks delicious! Sometimes I really fancy a ‘proper’ burger but nowhere around here does gluten-free buns. I often substitute the bun with lettuce but sometimes you just want the real deal!

    • My sister feels the same way. She enjoys lettuce wraps/buns, but she says sometimes she just wants a real bun. She’s found a few that she really doesn’t like, so she wanted me to be sure to include her thoughts on Ruby Tuesday’s buns!

  3. LOL, now I’ll be singing that song all day Samantha 😀 We actually went to Ruby Tuesday when we were in Hong Kong last year and their food was great. I didn’t realize they had an on-line ordering option. That would have made our lives so much easier

    • LOL, I don’t know whether to apologize or say “you’re welcome”! That’s good to know that the quality of food at other locations than just the one that you frequent. Ruby TueGo is SO convenient!

  4. This is a great this to know! Whenever we’re traveling it’s always important to pin-point restaurants that can accommodate everyone that were with!

  5. It’s great that places offers more option now for people with intolerance. I am very impressed by their Allergen & Lifestyle Menu it’s very well organized!

  6. I’m reading this during dinner time and it definitely doesn’t feel good looking at the fries and burgers while my stomach is growling (cuz I’m trying to finish commenting before rewarding myself with dinner!)

  7. I don’t eat at Ruby Tuesday’s. But it is a wonderful thing that they have a bit of everything for everybody with all kinds of dietary needs on their menu. Way to go Ruby Tuesday!


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