Santa's Hat ell-O shots

Santa Hat Jell-O Shots (GF, DF, SF)

Looking for an quick, easy, festive treat for those adults on the Naughty list?

Does it need to be dietary-restriction friendly?

Lucky for you, Gluten-Free Spirited has you covered! This recipe is inspired by a video that I saw on Delish’s Facebook page. We modified the recipe to make it dairy-, soy-, and gluten-free. The Santa Hat Jell-O Shots recipe includes three of my favorite things in a recipe: easy, quick, and involves alcohol. *Borat voice* “High five!”

Even Scott Calvin can enjoy these yummy adult beverages.

Scott Calvin, The Santa Clause
GFS has Scott Calvin’s back
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Ingredients (Yields 12 shots)

1 1/4 c water

3/4 c vodka of your choice

1 package Strawberry Jell-O

1 pint Strawberries, hulled

1 container of So Delicious CocoWhip 

A basket of Santa hats.


So Delicious CocoWhip
It looks like soft, fluffy snow.


-Boil 1 1/4 c of water

-Once the water boils, remove from heat to add Jell-O packet; stir until dissolved

-Add 3/4 c vodka (optional: swig vodka as you go)

-Pour into plastic shot glasses (we had paper cups on hand and those worked fine)

-Refrigerate for one hour

-Drink more vodka (optional)

-Remove shots from fridge

-Add dollop of CocoWhip on top of Jell-O in each shot glass

-Put strawberries on top with the point facing upward

-Add a small dot of Cocowhip to strawberries to complete Santa’s Hat

Strawberry Jell-O Shots


Strawberry Jell-O and CocoWhip
A dollop of CocoWhip to make the bottom of Santa’s hat


Jello Shots
Ready to add Santa’s hats


Hulled strawberries
Be sure to hull Santa’s hats


Santa's Hat ell-O shots
Aren’t they cute?


Santa Hat Jell-O Shots


Santa wants a Santa Hat Jell-O shot after delivering all his gifts

Serve your guests this fun holiday drink.

That’s how you make Santa Hat Jell-O Shots. Seriously, that’s it. It takes about an hour and twenty minutes total. You can make this just before your guests arrive or be the Best Elf of the Christmas Party when you take it to a friend or family member’s house. If you’re doing the latter, be sure to keep the vodka swigging to a minimum, unless you’re not driving. GFS does not approve of drinking and driving. Please be safe this holiday season.


Empty Jell-O shot cups
We’re in the Christmas spirit now!
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