Smashburger Selections: What to order if you have dietary restrictions

If you’re looking for a fancier burger, but still affordable than your routine fast food establishment, Smashburger might be for you. After a day of running errands, we found ourselves hungry after 8 PM. Luckily, there was a Smashburger nearby. After consulting their menu for dietary restriction options, we decided to make our first visit to this establishment. Dinner and blog content: check and check.

Smashburger offers several types of buns: egg, multi-grain, chipotle, lettuce and Udi’s gluten-free. We were unsure if the egg bun contained soy and Nikki isn’t a fan of Udi’s so she opted for the lettuce bun (which is a fancy way of saying the patty sits on a bed of lettuce). They also offer a variety of patties: regular, big burger, or black bean veggie burger. If you’re craving chicken, you’re in luck as they offer both grilled and crispy.

According to their Nutrition & Allergen page, their burgers are “pasture fed and corn finished and made with 100% all-natural beef”. It’s also noted that the Black Bean Veggie burger is not vegan as it contains egg and cheese. It’s also made on the same grill as other food and cross-contamination can occur. As with the note about the Black Bean Veggie burger, while they do offer Udi’s gluten-free buns, they are prepared in the same kitchen as all other meals and cross-contamination can occur. There is also a statement on this page in regards to their fries. They offer both regular and sweet potato fries which are usually cooked in the same fryer. It goes on to say that the fries are “gluten-free as prepared.”

I’d also like to point this out (it’s bold, so you know that it’s important): “Our restaurants do not operate in a 100% gluten-free environment when preparing gluten-free menu items.”

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A pictures of the table marker at Smashburger.




A picture of a burger on a lettuce bun at Smashburger.
Lettuce bun=bed of lettuce


NSFDC (Not Safe for the Dietary Conscious)

And now we’ve come to the portion of the blog where you get to see what I ate.


If you don’t want to see #foodporn, please scroll now.


WARNING: There are two photos of #foodporn.


A picture of a burger and fries at Smashburger



A picture of a bacon cheeseburger at Smashburger.
Bacon. Cheeseburger. Foodporn.

Verdict: We liked it and it didn’t cause Nikki any stomach issues later on.

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