Rice Krispies cut into squares

Valentine’s Day Strawberry Rice Krispie Treats

A few weeks ago, Nikki & I were at the grocery store when she spotted Strawberry Rice Krispies. Right away, I said “we can make Rice Krispies for the blog.” Nikki immediately replied, “With strawberry Smashmallows.”

Nikki went through a couple boxes before we actually made the Strawberry Rice Krispie treats. Shoutout to Target for having the family sized box that we found after she finished the first two. The only place we know of that has Smashmallows is Target, so we were surprised to see two of the four rows out of Smashmallows. They were having a 2 for $7 sale and were completely out of the Strawberries and Cream (that flavor is always in stock). We even walked to the Valentine’s section and couldn’t find any. A few days later, we tried another location & found them. Success!

If you’ve read recipes from GFS before, you know that we generally use as few ingredients as possible.

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3 cups Strawberry Rice Krispies

1 stick of Earth Balance Soy-Free Butter

1 bag of Smashmallows Strawberries and Cream


Rice Krispy ingredients
Just 3 ingredients is all you need.


-Line 8×8 pan with baking sheet

-Pour Rice Krispies into pan

-Melt butter in pot on medium heat and lower as needed

-Dump entire bag of Smashmallows into pot and stir in with butter; stir frequently to prevent burning

-Once both butter and Smashmallows are in liquid form, pour over the Rice Krispies

-Smooth cereal out with lightly greased spatula or hands to prevent sticking

-Let cool before cutting into squares

You’re all done and ready to serve!

If you’re more into visuals, here’s a step-by-step guide to direct you:

Smashmallows and butter in a pot
The Smashmallows look like dumplings


Melted Rice Krispies and butter
Stir constantly to prevent scorching


Rice Krispies
*smells strawberries*


Rice Krispies cooling
Pack down tightly and let cool


Rice Krispies
They’re ready to be cut!

We really liked the way these Rice Krispie Treats turned out. Nikki felt like they were a little greasy and would probably use less butter next time. BTW, be careful putting them on paper towels because it might stick. Cutting them into squares was a little difficult; you may end up with rectangular pieces. They still taste good, no matter how you cut them.


Rice Krispies cut into squares
Ready to serve to your Valentine


Rice Krispy treat
Ooey gooey yumminess

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45 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Strawberry Rice Krispie Treats”

  1. OMG this is perfect, in view of Valentine’s Day coming up this week. If anything else, I actually have a bag of marshmallows just sitting in my pantry for the last 2 months. Gonna try this recipe this weekend!

  2. Strawberries and cream, what a perfect flavour for Valentine’s Day! I love that these rise krispie treats are so easy to make and you only need three ingredients. Yummy!


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