Tacos for the Dietary Conscious Eater (GF, DF, SF)

Mmmm, tacos. It’s safe to say that nearly everyone likes tacos. I’m a picky eater & eat basic versions of them that I love. Eaters with dietary restrictions may think they can’t enjoy tacos. Au contrarie! I have a recipe that’s dietary conscious friendly, quick, easy, and delicious. It’s also gluten-, dairy, and soy-free. That doesn’t mean bland or gross.

This was quite popular on my social media platforms, so I decided to write a blog that’s easy for you to find (and of course you should pin it).

An image of a homemade taco.
Are you licking the screen? I won’t tell (don’t forget to sanitize it after)! Mmmm, tacos.

What you’ll need:

-Mi Casa’s White Corn Tortillas

-Shredded lettuce

-Refried Beans (recommended: Bush’s Cocina Latina Fat Free)

-Hamburger meat

-Shredded cheese (recommended: Daiya Foods)

That’s it!

An image of Mi Casa White Corn Tortillas for tacos.
The foundation of your taco.


Pro tip: Make sure you only heat up the tortillas for 5-10 seconds otherwise it’s really hard to bite.

This should go without saying, but cook the hamburger meat as you normally would.

Let me know if you make it or find any other brands that you recommend that keep it soy-, dairy-, & gluten-free.

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