Chicken sandwich and tater tots

What to Order at The Burger Company if You Have Dietary Restrictions

For the last few weeks, our dad has been taking us to dinner at new places. I told him I needed new blog content once and he’s been making sure I get it. LOL Several weeks ago, we decided to try a restaurant that I heard had gluten-free buns. Nikki & I were on the way there when our dad called and was at a different restaurant. He thought he knew where the other one was located and ended up at The Burger Company. Since it wasn’t that busy (which is great at 7:30 on a Friday night), we decided to just meet him there.

The Burger Company has several locations, most under the name American Burger Company. The story on their website doesn’t mention why there’s a difference in names. There are seven locations total, with a majority in the Charlotte area. You can also find a location in Greenville, SC and Smithtown, NY. The location we were at is on the smaller side. It has high ceilings and exposed duct work. According to their website, The Burger Company is a green restaurant with countertops made from recycled paper and flooring made of bamboo. They even recycle their frying oil into biodiesel fuel! They also have cool decor.


Old restaurant sign
I believe the Uncle Remus sign came from a now defunct restaurant in Charlotte. Peep the Panthers jerseys underneath.


Framed Panthers jersey
Panthers old and new are represented at The Burger Company.
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They had several options for Nikki to choose from. She chose the grilled chicken sandwich on a gluten-free bun. The highlight for Nikki was the tater tots. They were cooked in vegetable oil which means they were safe for Nikki to consume. I decided to try the Pretzel Bacon Burger (hold the mustard). The bun tastes like a pretzel and was pretty tasty. I also went with the tater tots. Our dad ordered the Rise ‘N Shine Burger which comes with a fried egg on it. Shame that I forgot to take a picture of it.


Chicken sandwich and tater tots
Nikki brought her own mayo from home. She loved the tots.



Burger porn in 3…2…




Pretzel Bacon Burger
It was SO good!

We enjoyed The Burger Company and would definitely go again.

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30 thoughts on “What to Order at The Burger Company if You Have Dietary Restrictions”

  1. The decor looks amazing Sam and I love the fact that they’re all “green” and recycle.It gives me that warm fuzzy feeling and makes me feel that whatever they serve will be as natural as possible too. And good on your Dad for being behind you and the blog. That’s so special

    • I didn’t know they were green until I was doing some research before writing this and I was really impressed! It makes me want to support them even more. 🙂 I agree that it’s really special to have my dad be so supportive of the blog. 😀

  2. It’s really great to hear places like this accommodate dietary requirements so well. It meant you got to enjoy your dining even more. The food looks lovely.

  3. Yum!! I get hungry everytime I come to your blog – I can’t help it. This looks like another place I would love to try. Also so sweet of your dad for taking you out for noms, content and family time!

  4. The place looks so amazing, and the food looks absolutely delicious. The pictures are making me hungry already Sam. I am glad to know that your father is so supportive 🙂

  5. Your Dad is really thoughtful! Glad to hear and know that there’s places take pride in making sure dietary restrictions are met for everyone.

  6. The foods looks really delightful and this place is really perfect for my aunt who had a dietary restriction. I will share this with her. I am pretty sure that she gonna enjoy her day there.

  7. Great post for my dad. He has a dietary restriction and I am sure that he really loves to visit and try to eat there at Burger Company.

  8. That looks fantastic! It’s so nice to find places to go and eat. I struggle with that constantly. It really sucks for the rest of the family. They have to go by what I can have. It really limits them.

    • I definitely understand that, Amanda! It can be a struggle when making plans with family or friends. That’s why I like to share restaurants that we come across to help others know of new places so they don’t get stuck in a rut of going to the same places repeatedly.


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