What to Order at The Trail House if you have Dietary Restrictions

What to Order at The Trail House if you have Dietary Restrictions

A few weeks ago, my dad invited Nikki & I to dinner. I told him that I had reviewed all the restaurants we’d been to and instead of going to one of our regulars, we should try somewhere new. He suggested a place he’s been to a couple of times about 20 minutes from us called The Trail House. We agreed to try it out, even though the menu on their Facebook page didn’t say if they had anything gluten-free. At the very least, Nikki could order a hamburger with a lettuce bun. Not very filling, but it works when needed.

The Trail House is located in Indian Trail, which is a town just outside of Charlotte. It’s in a really good location near a movie theatre along with a handful of other restaurants. On Sundays, they have a breakfast buffet including a waffle bar. One side of the restaurant has a stage for live music on the weekends. We were seated on the opposite side (their bar area is between). Since it was a Friday, it was quite packed when we got there.

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Though it isn’t on their Facebook (their website domain hasn’t been renewed), they do have a separate gluten-free menu. I thought I took a picture of it, but can’t find it. They had a small variety of options. Nikki chose the grilled chicken sandwich with a gluten-free bun and a side of broccoli. Nikki has come to discover that there are some good gluten-free buns and some that are gross. She approves the buns from The Trail House.

Chicken sandwich from Trail House


Chicken sandwich with gluten-free bun



I decided to try the Trail House Grilled Cheese. It’s American cheese, pulled pork, and mac & cheese. It came with a side of tater tots. My dad’s service dog, Caine, was thrilled as he is a huge fan of tater tots. We all had so much food that he got his fair share of tots. When I was in Dallas several years ago, I had a similar sandwich and it was delicious. The Trail House Grilled Cheese did not disappoint! I ended up taking one half of the sandwich home because it was so big. It made for a delicious lunch the next day.

My dad went with Ol’ Blue’s Breakfast Burger. This burger consists of fried egg, applewood smoked bacon, mayo, and American cheese. He also got a side of tater tots. He really enjoyed his meal and made a happy plate.

I definitely recommend The Trail House! There are a variety of yummy options for everyone.


I forgot to take pictures of the Ol’ Blue’s Breakfast Burger. Never fear, I have several pictures of my sandwich to satisfy your #foodporn needs.


BBQ ans mac & cheese sandwich
I’m so glad I was able to make two meals out of this.


BBQ and Mac & cheese sandwich
The picture doesn’t do it justice.


BBQ & mac & cheese sandwich
I want another one right now.


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25 thoughts on “What to Order at The Trail House if you have Dietary Restrictions

  1. Oh my word Sam that sandwich does look HUGE. I love going somewhere and getting big generous portions that you can take home and still enjoy the yumminess later. Pity about Nikki getting a tummy ache though. It must be so difficult to double check everything before you eat it.

    • I do too, Michelle! It’s nice to get two meals for the price of one. ๐Ÿ™‚ That was a bummer, but luckily it was a mild discomfort and nothing too bad. That’s one of the questions she has to be sure to ask anytime she orders grilled chicken (if it’s pre-marinated or not & what it’s pre-marinated in).

  2. The meal look super tempting and the sandwiches look huge. I am sure I need to share it with someone. If not, it would be good for two meals, breakfast and lunch – just like what you did.

    • You might be able to eat it all in one sitting if you hadn’t had a meal in a while or it was your first one of the day. ๐Ÿ™‚ It was nice to be able to enjoy it twice.

  3. Oh those all look delicious! I think I’d want to eat the breakfast burger even though it would probably make me poorly! You go to so many places where the food looks yummy!

  4. Never heard of the trail house. Good on you for sharing some options for people with restrictions – I have a LOT of restrictions so I know how difficult it can be to find food I can eat.

  5. Those with food restrictions really need to look around, and since the restaurant doesn’t explicitly say there is a separate menu, I’m glad you’re saying so here! Great to have such options and I appreciate this knowledge! =)

    • We’ve found that quite a few places (especially local) have separate menus, but you have to ask. The larger chain restaurants tend to have them online. Plus, we enjoy the “research” of eating the food and reporting our findings. ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. Your pictures always make me so hungry!! LOL I’m currently fasting for religious reason, only during the day, but right now it’s been 15 hours since my last meal and your sandwich is making me drool LOL

  7. Those foods look really delicious. This Olโ€™ Blueโ€™s Breakfast Burger is definitely a must try. It makes my mouth-watering. yummy!!!

  8. Wow, love the choices for gluten free delicacies! With so many people having issues and needing food restrictions, sounds like this was an amazing place to dine!

  9. Wow. Now we know what to order even if we have dietary restrictions – and these look so delicious and satisfying!

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