Wondering What to Order at Which Wich? If You Have Dietary Restrictions?

Wondering What to Order at Which Wich? If You Have Dietary Restrictions?

In the interest of full transparency, I almost forgot to write this blog. In my defense, I kept forgetting it was Thursday (when I usually write). I was also watching Japanese wrestling (which is good since I was having withdrawals after their month-long tournament ended in August) and I was super excited because the new Sam Smith song was released at midnight. I was slightly stressed out because the single wasn’t coming up on iTunes or on his website. It was finally available about 10 minutes later. After listening to it a few times, it dawned on me that I didn’t write my latest blog. Luckily, I’ve always been good at writing well on a deadline and already had a topic picked out. So let’s get to it, shall we?

Sam Smith single
My excitement for new Sam Smith music made me forget I needed to write my blog. Oops.



I hope you had a good Labor Day (the US just had this holiday on Monday; hence why I forgot it was already Thursday). A friend of ours had told us about Which Wich? having options for Nikki. We’d been meaning to go, so when our dad offered to take us to lunch on Labor Day, it was one of the places I suggested (our dad was the one that ultimately decided). If you’re not familiar with Which Wich?, they are a fast casual restaurant serving a variety of sandwiches that come with standard versions that can be customized. They opened their first location in Dallas, TX in 2003. They have locations across the US and in 2013, branched out to Dubai, Mexico, & Panama. Restaurants expanded to Bahrain, Kuwait, & Qatar in 2015. Which Wich will continue its expansion by having locations in Egypt, Lebanon, & the U.K.

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In addition to their regular menu, they also have a gluten-free menu. *Hooray* Sandwiches can be made as a Lettucewich or Bowlwich. Some of the options: Turkey, Ham, Chicken Pesto, Tuna Salad, The Avocado, and Pepperoni Pizzawich. There’s also a separate Vegan & Vegetarian menu. If you need to get very specific, then you need the Nutritional Info menu. This breaks down the entire menu vertically with allergens horizontally. It’s clear which menu items contains (or doesn’t contain) allergens.


When you’re ready to order, choose a brown paper bag that corresponds with the menu item (broken into several categories; e.g.-Italian). Nikki chose the Turkeywich with cucumbers on a Lettucewich. Since she was limited on additions to her sandwich, she asked for double meat. For her side, she chose the House Chips. Even with the limited ingredients, she still enjoyed her meal. She’s also pretty happy to have a new place to eat while traveling.


Order your wich on a brown paper bag.
Customize your Wich with their easy ordering system.



Turkeywich with lettuce wrap.
Which Wich? also has the meats.


Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper Which Wich House Chips
Nikki was pretty happy with the bag illustration of chips on your Wich; she was promptly disappointed when chips wouldn’t fit in hers.



You have now reached the #foodporn section that has food containing things that Nikki cannot eat. I opted for the Meatballwich on regular bread with mozzarella & marinara sauce. It was pretty good! In case you were wondering, I had nacho Doritos with mine (and forgot to take a picture).


Order your wich on a brown paper bag.
Just a few ingredients needs for a delicious Meatballwich.


Meatballwich from Which Wich
Meatballwich, FTW
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41 thoughts on “Wondering What to Order at Which Wich? If You Have Dietary Restrictions?”

  1. As always, I’m in awe at your dedication to find alternative options for non-meat eaters. And honestly, I go to these restaurants all the time and had no idea they had these. Good to know!

    • Thank you, Jin! I try to include places with multiple options as much as possible. πŸ™‚ We’re always surprised to find how many common/popular places have “secret” menu options that are gluten-, soy-, and/or dairy-free. They should be more public about those types of things so that more people know that they have options. πŸ™‚

    • Their name really does stand out. Ordering that way makes it so simple for everyone! With all the branching out they’re doing, it wouldn’t surprise me if South Africa gets a location one day. πŸ™‚

  2. Great options! We were just traveling and I totally struggled to find foods on the menu that stick with my ketosis diet, so I veered a bit off course. But I try to do as much research in advance so I know where to go!

  3. I actually just went to Which Which a few months ago and I didnt even realize how extensive the menu was! It was amazing all of the options I need to eat their more often!

    • I wouldn’t have know about the extensive menu if my friend hadn’t alerted me to it when she discovered it. Restaurants should be more pro active in letting customers (and prospective customers) know that they offer alternatives because so many people don’t think to check the website for specifics. In the meantime, I’ll just keep trying to get the word out about different restaurant menu items. πŸ˜€

  4. This is such a great and helpful post, I love seeing how many places are really starting to come forward and listen to customers who can’t pick just anything from the menu. That meatballwich looks delicious!!

    • You’re welcome. Gluten-free is where you remove gluten (proteins that contain wheat and similar grains like oats and barley) from your diet. Many people with various health issues such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Celiac, Crohn’s, wheat allergy, etc. can’t eat gluten because it causes them health problems, pain, and/or discomfort. Some people willingly choose to be gluten-free for a variety of reasons, but many have no choice but to remove gluten from their diet. Gluten is in MANY foods, so it can be difficult to find food that they can eat, especially when dining out or traveling. Hope that helps give you a basic idea of what gluten-free means. πŸ™‚

    • It can be difficult at times and it seems many places don’t promote that they have these type of options, so either the customer has to ask or Google beforehand. I hope to help combat some of that by posting about places here and/or my social media platforms.

  5. We don’t have which wich in Singapore but we do have a lot of sandwich dining place. However, I don’t actually know which of them are gluten-free. Not really good with that sort of stuff~

  6. Woah!! Thanks for this, It’s really hard finding gluten free lunch options. I will definitely put this on my book mark for my future references to my next visit there.

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