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Welcome to the page about my coaching program: Food Sensitivity Success Map: Your ultimate guide to end the struggle, eat with confidence, and transform your life.

If you’re unfamiliar with the story behind Gluten-Free Spirited (GFS), let me give you a quick overview. In October 2016, my sister and I were in Atlanta for a Braves game. She was recently told to cut gluten, dairy, and soy to help with her IBS symptoms. She had been diagnosed several years earlier, but meds alone weren’t enough any longer. While on this trip, she struggled finding anything she could eat.

It was on this trip that I realized that there had to be thousands more like her. In March 2017, I launched GFS as a resource for travelers with dietary restrictions due to food sensitivities/allergies. GFS has recipes, restaurant and food recommendations, guides, travel info, and more.

In late 2018, I began working with a business coach. It was then that the Food Sensitivity Success Map was created and became a reality in early 2019.

This program was created to help clients who need help navigating dietary issues, such as food sensitivities or food allergies. My sister was diagnosed with IBS several years ago. After medication alone wasn’t enough, her doctor recommended that she remove gluten, dairy, & soy from her diet. In the beginning, it was a huge struggle. I want to teach you what we learned so that you can navigate this lifestyle more easily.

I have designed a comprehensive step-by-step system to teach people how to easily navigate their food issues so they can experience more confidence in eating/shopping/cooking. This includes teaching basics such as reading labels, how to grocery shop, and questions to ask at restaurants.


The Food Sensitivity Success Map will help you:

-save time with efficient techniques

-feel less overwhelmed

-educate you on your food sensitivities/allergies

-feel better by eating better

This program is available locally and online.


You will also have hands on experiences with a (virtual or in person) Grocery Store trip, Cooking Demo, and Restaurant Outing.


To ensure that I can give my clients personal attention, spaces are limited. Sign up ASAP so you don’t miss out and can get started on transforming your lifestyle right away.


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Samantha Schipman is not a licensed medical professional, nutritionist, or dietician.
Samantha Schipman is a Wellness Coach, Educator, and Mentor.


Samantha recommends that you seek professional medical care for any health or medical concerns you may have. Samantha’s services are intended to be complementary to professional medical care, but not a substitute. All services are provided with the utmost concern for the client’s well-being and in good faith.  Results of the sessions are ultimately the client’s responsibility. This assumes all information provided by the client is true and complete. If you ever have any concerns about the nature of your sessions, please feel free to discuss it.