So Delicious Blueberry yogurt alternative

Guide to Yogurt Alternatives (GF, SF, DF)

I considered making the title of this post” Yogurt, Yogurt, and More Yogurt”. Alas, it’s not as fancy as the one that I went with.

Yogurt is one of Nikki’s go-to snacks. She eats it so much that you could probably extract yogurt from her veins. If you want to get technical, they’re yogurt alternatives since they do not contain dairy. There are several brands that have dairy-, soy-, and gluten-free options.

Here are some of the yogurts/flavors that Nikki recommends.

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So Delicious is certified vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO.

So Delicious Strawberry Banana

So Delicious Strawberry Banana
One of Nikki’s early favorites.

So Delicious Vanilla

So Delicious Vanilla yogurt
So Delicious is made with coconut milk.


So Delicious Vanilla Yogurt Alternative
Be sure to stir your yogurt prior to eating.

So Delicious Blueberry

So Delicious Blueberry yogurt alternative
Nikki’s favorite of the three berry yogurts.


So Delicious Blueberry yogurt alternative
So Delicious contains real blueberries.

So Delicious Raspberry

So Delicious Raspberry
This is frequently in the fridge.


So Delicious Raspberry yogurt alternative
This is a nice balance of raspberry; it isn’t tart.

So Delicious Peach

So Delicious Peach yogurt alternative
While this is really good, Nikki has an issue with peaches and can’t eat it.

So Delicious Key Lime

So Delicious Key Lime yogurt
This is Nikki’s favorite out of all the yogurts. If you’re a fan of Key Lime, you’ll love this.

So Delicious Unsweetened Vanilla

So Delicious Unsweetened Vanilla
Nikki wanted to try it just to see if she liked it; she did not.


So Delicious Unsweetened Vanilla yogurt alternative
Adding cinnamon didn’t improve the taste.

Daiya is a Greek yogurt alternative that is plant based.

Daiya Black Cherry

Daiya Black Cherry greek yogurt
Daiya greek yogurt alternative

Almond Dream Mixed Berry

Almond Dream is plant based and made with real almonds. This was Nikki’s least favorite of all the yogurts. Not because it was gross, but because of all the other options.


Almond Dream Mixed Berry yogurt
This was Nikki’s least favorite.

Kite Hill is fancy because it’s artisan. It’s also made with almond milk and plant-based.

Kite Hill Key Lime

Kite Hill Key Lime
Nikki really likes this one; it’s a bit more tart than the So Delicious Key Lime

Kite Hill Blueberry

Kite Hill Blueberry yogurt
Nikki’s second favorite of the berry yogurts.

There are quite a few yogurts brands that are dairy-, gluten-, and soy-free. So Delicious is by far Nikki’s favorite brand. So Delicious does have a noticeable coconut taste, but pairs well with all of the flavors.

Pro tip: Stir the Kite Hill yogurts really well to minimize the almond taste.

What yogurt would you try?

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43 thoughts on “Guide to Yogurt Alternatives (GF, SF, DF)”

    • My sister is a fan of Daiya in general and likes many of their products. I think Kitt Hill is a newer brand (or maybe just to us). You probably would love the key lime yogurt!

  1. I didn’t hear about an alternative type of yogurt before. I would love to try the coconut milk fruity one through, it sounds lovely, especially the blueberry one.

    • LOL, it does sound like a contradiction, but it works! We found most of these at regular grocery stores. We found some of the same brands at a specialty store as well (Almond Dream came from the specialty store).

  2. Yogurts go so quickly in our house. We are huge fans of Go Delicious and not because we can’t have dairy but because I don’t think there is one flavor we don’t dislike. They a positively delicious.

  3. I make my own Greek yogurt and I love it. You really went through a lot of varieties. I’ll bet people with dairy issues appreciate that.

  4. Oh nooo! I don’t think we have any of those brands in the UK but they sound so good! What I am able to find here is always a little plain.. Alpro Soya is good but sometimes you just want something more exciting!

  5. I’ve never seen almost 80% of the brands you’ve mentioned as the number of brands of yogurt in Singapore is sadly lacking…. I usually like those that are not too sweet and not too much artificial flavours!

  6. Unfortunately I wasn’t a huge fan of the SO coconut milk yogurt. But you should check out Ripple brand! The texture is weird but it’s really good!

  7. I’ve tried this yogurt alternative before and it so delicious and super tasty not like other brands of yogurt. I love the raspberry flavor.


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